Cotton & Bamboo Underwear - Breathable Lingerie For Summer

Cotton & Bamboo Underwear - Breathable Lingerie For Summer



Best Breathable Fabrics For Summer Lingerie

Summers in Australia can be brutal. When the temperature soars to 35 degrees and over, the first thing on your mind is staying cool however you can. Scorching Aussie summers see many Australians turning to light, natural materials in their clothing to keep their skin as sweat-free as possible.

When choosing undergarments and clothing for summer, it's essential that you remember to check out the fabric content. Thicker, synthetic materials are going to be hot, sticky and sweaty in summer - particularly once the temperature hits anything above 25 degrees. To avoid this, its best to choose natural fabrics like bamboo and cotton panties which have natural properties that keep you cool.


Why fabric content is so important in summer

Think about the hottest days of summer and the kinds of clothes you’re drawn towards wearing. Usually, you’ll find yourself choosing shorts, skirts, tops, and dresses in the lightest fabrications you own. When it comes to shopping for summer undergarments, this should be no different.

Considering the fabric of your underwear is even more important than with other clothing items because these are the pieces that are going to be against your skin all day. Choosing the right lingerie fabric could mean the difference between sweating and suffering in 40-degree heat, or remaining comfortable and odour free.


Choose natural fibers

To keep yourself comfortable in summer, choose intimate apparel in fabrics that are light, breathable and cool against your skin. Natural fibers will always trump synthetic materials because they allow the skin to breathe and don’t trap heat. See our favourite summer fabrics below:



Bamboo blends have many attractive properties, particularly when it comes to summer wear. Bamboo rich fabrics are breathable and cool,  have a nice, natural lustre and are also extremely soft to wear. With fast water absorption performance, bamboo materials draw moisture away from the skin, creating a cooling effect that's ideal for hot summers. Bamboo is also naturally anti-bacterial and will not hold odour, so its the perfect choice for sweaty 40 degree days!



There's a reason why so many summer clothes are made of cotton. Cotton is known for being extremely breathable, absorbent and soft on the skin. Cotton naturally allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t trap heat the way other fabrics do. Cotton also doesn’t retain odours, making it ideal for wearing during hot days when you know you’re going to sweat.

Perhaps the most attractive benefit of cotton is that it doesn’t cling to the skin. This makes it very breathable and easy to wear - particularly during the hottest days of summer when the sun is the strongest. To keep as cool as possible in summer, you can't go wrong with cotton panties, singlets, and bras.


B Free range

When it comes to summer, the only way to go is natural fibers. These materials keep you cool by being naturally light, breathable, and sweat resistant. Our natural fiber range includes bamboo and cotton panties, tops and bras. Check out our natural fiber range here.


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