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Maternity Silhouette Slip


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Maternity Bamboo Tank Dress


Maternity Bamboo Tank Dress 2 pack


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Maternity Midi Tube Top/Skirt


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Maternity Mini Tube Top/Skirt


Maternity Mini Tube Top/Skirt - 2 pack


About Our Maternity Slips 

B Free’s maternity slips are the perfect layering piece for during your pregnancy. Wear them under anything and everything for an extra layer of comfort, warmth, and coverage.

The best thing about our maternity slips is that they can be worn after as well as during your pregnancy. The material is super flexible. Thanks to being such a high quality fabric it stretches with your body, and springs back into shape once you’re not wearing it. This means that once your pregnancy is finished, you’ll still be able to wear your slip once you’ve lost all your baby weight.


Wear During All Stages Of Pregnancy

All maternity slips are designed to stretch with your belly as it grows. They do this without losing shape, ensuring that your maternity slip fits you snugly no matter what stage of your pregnancy you’re in.


“Soft Touch” Fabric 

These maternity slips are the ultimate in comfort. All maternity slips are made in our specially crafted, “soft touch” fabrication. This material blend is incredibly soft and gentle on skin, creating a smooth, sleek body line that clothes don’t cling to.


Side Seam, Tag And Label Free

With no side seams, there’s no visible lines to show under your clothes and ruin the line of your outfit. Our maternity slips are also completely free of tags and labels, so there’s nothing that’s going to be sticking in to you and making you itchy or uncomfortable.


The Ultimate In Comfort 

Comfort is our number one priority at B Free, and we know that for pregnant woman, this is their number one priority as well. We’re proud to have created a range of maternity slips that provide comfort and easy wearability as well as style. These maternity slips are so comfortable to wear, many of our customers wear them to bed as a nightgown as well.


Essential Piece For Pregnancy

Our maternity slips are a basic must have in any pregnant woman’s wardrobe. Shop our range of maternity slips now. Choose between black, white or nude.