How to find the perfect shapewear for your body shape

How to find the perfect shapewear for your body shape

Shopping for Shapewear? Find the perfect fit for your body shape

Infographic Shapewear for your Body Shape


Find your body shape

The majority of women fall into one of five broad categories of body shapes. When you understand your shape you can find the perfect clothing and shapewear that suits your unique body. Here is a guide to identify your body shape, and the best control garments for you.

Apple Body Shape

Ladies with an apple shape have great legs and a round tummy. To flatten your stomach and reduce your waist, a High Waisted Shaping Panty is the perfect everyday solution. A seamless shaper in maximum strength fabrication provides control and comfort, without seams to irritate your skin. The B Free Underbust Shaping Brief is the ideal choice as it tucks under your bra to ensure a smooth line across your entire midsection. Avoid any shaper that cuts off in the middle of your waist as this will create bulges.


Pear Body Shape

Women with a pear shape often feature a slender waist, and have a large bottom and thighs. To trim your thighs and tone your bottom a seamless thigh shaper is the perfect choice. A mid-waist thigh shaper is a great everyday option. However, if you feel like you need more control around mid section an Underbust Full Body Shaper with straps will provide you with the ultimate sleek silhouette. Avoid an underbust shaper that does not have straps as this will roll down to your waist.


Hourglass Body Shape

If you have an hourglass body your bust and hips are well balanced with a slender waist. Shapewear can be of great benefit to smooth and tighten your curves and reduce any bulges. Since hourglass girls often have fuller thighs, an Underbust Full Body Shaper will provide the ultimate curve control and smooth your hips. When wearing an underbust shaper make sure to use straps to prevent rolling down, or wear a firm fitting bra and tuck your shaper underneath.

Rectangle Body Shape

Ladies with a rectangle body shape have balanced proportions but lack a defined waist. The aim when dressing this shape is to create the illusion of curves. An underbust thong shaper is a great solution for this as it cinches your waist and emphasises your bottom, creating a va-va voom silhouette.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Ladies with a triangle body shape have slim hips and a slightly indented waist with wide shoulders. An underbust shaping corset with garters will smooth your mid section and define your waist. Pair your corset garters with silky stockings to flaunt your great legs and add create a seductive look.

The Universal Body Shapers

While there are some shapers that are particularly suited to certain body shapers there are some control garments that will suit everyone. Thanks to seamless technology that allows high control fabrication with stretchability B Free shapewear will mould to your unique body and create a flattering silhouette.

Most seamless shapewear will flatter your shape as long as you keep the following points in mind:

- If you have a narrow waist you will want to make sure that your underbust control garments come with straps to hold everything in place.

- If you have a larger tummy you will want to always choose an underbust style to avoid bulges and cutting in at the waist.


Following are two styles of shapewear that will suit every woman's body if worn correctly.

Underbust Full Body Shaper - The Universally Flattering Solution

A full body shaper features total tummy control, thigh smoothing and provides a bottom lift. This shaper will smooth your curves, define your waist and shape your rear. If you have a naturally defined waist make sure to use the six way removable straps to secure your shaper and prevent rolling down.

Underbust Shaping Slip Dress - The Perfect Shaper for Every Body

A shaping slip will provide the ultimate control and smoothing under any dress or skirt outfit. This shaper looks and feels beautiful thanks to the classic design and premium quality seamless fabric. 


Now that you understand your body shape and know how to pick the right shaper for your body, you are ready to go! Remember that these points are guidelines and there is more than one shaper out there that will flatter your body. The chart at the top of the page outlines all the different shapes that will work for your body and highlights a stand-out shaper that will always look gorgeous on your body. For more information on how to wear different shapers read our article on "How to Build your Shaper Wardrobe". Don't forget to check out our glamorous lookbook from our location shapewear shoot for some inspiration. For a quick rundown on the basic features of all the B Free Shapers check out "The Ultimate Shapewear Guide".



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    Nice post!! thank you for sharing such a great information! Each point is mentioned in detail and with proper explaination. Keep updating with more such posts!

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