Be Comfortable. Be Beautiful. Be Free.

Our Design Philosophy

Every woman's body is beautiful in its own way. B Free is designed by women, for women, so we can all feel confident in our own skin. Our garments are made with premium yarns and innovative technology to bring you unparalleled comfort. 

It's time to enter a new era of beauty, style and comfort with B Free Intimate Apparel. Embrace your body, and b free.


We believe in women.

Our designs cater to:

  • Women of all ages, starting from the moment that young girls begin to evolve into women
  • Women throughout motherhood at home or at work
  • On holiday, weekends and while travelling
  • We are there for beautiful ladies that reach the age where they need a little more support but cannot compromise on comfort
  • We pride ourselves on providing affordable lingerie solutions without compromising on quality


We believe in comfort.

Our designs have:

  • No seams, no tags, no itchy wires 
  • Smooth high-quality fabrics
  • The option of natural yarns such as cotton 
  • The option of body friendly man-made yarns such as bamboo
  • Can be washed again and again and will last 


We believe in beauty.

Our designs:

  • Help women feel confident and beautiful
  • Are affordable
  • Are high-quality
  • Provide the ultimate support and control
  • Help women look amazing in formal and evening wear 

Enjoy and let us know your thoughts!
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About B Free

B Free Intimate Apparel is an Australian lingerie design company based in Melbourne. We provide seamless, high quality undergarments to women from all over the world.

At B Free, our design philosophy is to create items that meet women’s needs. Our products are based purely on what real women want - flattering, comfortable pieces that are essential in any wardrobe. We achieve this through extensive wear trials and listening closely to the feedback of our customers.

Personal comfort is our goal with everything we make at B Free. We’ve designed each of our pieces to flatter a variety of body shapes. While we provide timeless basics, we also design them to suit current fashion trends.

Soft, luxurious and easy to wear, every piece we create is made with innovative, seamless design technology. We use only the highest quality materials, ensuring we provide the ultimate in comfort for the wearer.

Our team at B Free is all about making things that you, our customer will love. If you have something unique that you need made, we’d be happy to help. Visit our contact page and let us know your ideas.