About the designer - Yael Carmeli

In her youth, Yael Carmeli always dreamt of creating her own women’s intimate apparel brand. In 2009, with 15 years of experience in the international fashion industry on her resume, mother of four children - Yael decided she would make her dream come true.

As a child, Yael spent most of her time traveling between Paris and Athens, absorbing the European cultures and traditions. In 1996 she began her fashion studies in Paris University ESMOD - the most reputable Fashion School in Paris. Fashion became Yael’s passion. Drawing silhouettes, original designs and sewing extravagant costumes was all she did in her spare time for 3 years. The French environment in Paris was an ideal inspiration. Walking on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, impressed by the stunning window displays, attending art exhibitions at The Louvre museum, visiting lace factories of luxurious french handmade lace manufacturers such as Desseilles and volunteering to dress models at Haute Couture fashion shows of famous designers such as Karl Lagerfeld or Jean Paul Gaultier - these were the times when she was inspired most.

In her final year of studies Yael decided to direct her expertise to the art of Lingerie.

“The amount of thought and creativity you can implement in such small, petite items that must be not only beautiful on the hanger but also beautiful on the feminine body is incredulous. The importance of shaping the lingerie to look perfect on the body with or without the exterior outfit. The delight is in the challenge of designing such items but also ensuring they are comfortable and enable the woman to let herself roam free in any aspect possible.” 

All the attributes that were involved in created lingerie were fascinating challenges that Yael wanted to learn more about.

Yael started her career at Delta, an international underwear manufacturer which produces underwear for international brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Marks & Spencer and Donna Karan. Starting there as a junior, Yael very quickly worked her way up the ladder to lead the Victoria’s Secret design team in Delta. After 4 years of leading the design department, she was offered a job opportunity by Pacific Brands who owned the most iconic Australian lingerie brands in Australia. 

And so it came that Yael travelled to Melbourne together with her husband and one year old daughter. During her flourishing career at Pacific Brands where she managed the underwear and socks design teams of Holeproof, she savoured the knowledge she was gaining from her overseas travels while developing her public relations skills and her technical manufacturing knowledge.

After almost 7 years in Pacific Brands, it was time for a change - a change that could give Yael enough time to juggle her now 6-person family, and allow her to continue her passion, developing her business career as well.

“No, It is not easy to do both, career and family, but if you do have both, a loving family and enjoyable career then it is certainly worth it. Sometimes it seems impossible, but my extreme love to both, my family and business is what keeps me going. However, there is always the constant stress and dissatisfaction as you feel you could do things better on both ends.”

During Yael’s vast experience in the intimate apparel department she designed many different styles of underwear. Being a mother and a business women opened her eyes to understand how much comfort is crucial. 

“Why seam free? Well, Coming back home after a long day at work with a wire bra digging into my skin was just as uncomfortable as wearing high heels all day long! As a business women and a mother of four children, I could not spend my time separating underwear colours or washing items individually. Constantly having side seams crack and everyone asking me to cut off their itchy clothing labels also added to the list of worries that I didn’t have time for.”

With her vast technical experience and expertise, it became obvious to Yael that the only technology that offered undergarment items in a long lasting quality that suited every modern lifestyle was seam free, yarn knitting technology.

Seam-free offered a durable, hugging fit, with sizing flexibility and the possibility to knit engineered support areas in the garment without seams. This allowed the perfect fit, support and shaping as well as fashion textures and letter knitting while eliminating any scratchy labels in the garment.

This was how the inspiration for Bfree Intimate Apparel was generated - the crucial need for every day comfort underwear that lasts.

Today, approximately seven years since Bfree’s birth, Yael is managing a successful empire. It is growing everyday as more and more women experience Bfree and fall in love with the brand.

Yael takes pride in providing quality intimate apparel to women at all stages of life: young girls with developing bodies, women at home, working or travelling ladies that seek all day comfort and support without painful wires or seams, women who go through maternity and are after garments that stretch and accommodate to body changes, sportswomen, ladies post surgery or disabled women and women who need natural fibers for sensitive skin or firm structures which can be found in Bfree's shape wear.

Yael today, is extremely proud of Bfree Intimate Apparel, knowing she is making a change to women’s lives every day. 

The pleasure of providing women comfort everyday underwear solution is tremendous. We are always open for new ideas at Bfree and are always in the process of developing new products to provide women with more comfort, beauty and pleasure.”