Bodysuit | How To Style The Queen Of Fashion Pieces

Bodysuit | How To Style The Queen Of Fashion Pieces

Did you know, the bodysuit has been around since the 19th century?

The pioneer who invented this garment was a trapeze artist (of course), and his name was, Jules Léotard.


This functional garment has been a pivotal piece for athletes, dancers, and performers since then and has continued to develop throughout the decades.


The leotard started making its way out of sportswear and into the fashion world in the 1940s. But when the bodysuit really came to life and the appreciation came for the simple modern concept, was in the 1970s. Everyone wore a one piece, leotard, catsuit or bodysuit, it became a fashion muse in its own right.

Come the 1980s and the designers have taken it to the next level, even dancewear companies such as Danskin & Capezio were upping their game and creating a once basic practical piece into a fashionable bodysuit. Bring on the dazzling embellishments, illuminating bright fabrics and Jane Fonda's workout videos!

jane fonda leotard


This sartorial piece has continued to be produced as one of the most versatile and sought-after styles of clothing ever developed. You may remember Donna Karan’s debut DKI collection in 1985, “seven easy pieces”, that revolved solely on changing the way women were dressing at that time.


As she once wrote “women were wearing jackets and bow ties and shirts—more or less dressing like men….Nobody was doing the kind of clothes women needed from the minute they got up in the morning to the minute they went to bed at night. I don’t think anyone really understood how crazy our lives were. Those suits were holding us back.”


Donna Karan debut show 1985
Backstage at Donna Karan’s debut show, May 1985.


So in light of this revolutionary problem-solving attitude, it really made me reflect on my own personal taste and preference. From one woman to another, I can really relate to what Donna Karan was saying. I can't emphasize its practicality yet genius simplicity, with endless outfit options, I'd happily (and easily) wear a bodysuit every day of the week, I'm a huge fan!
The new bodysuits designed by B Free are not just a couple of generic pieces though, they have been taken a step further, by adding shaping control zones to them!
Yes, shaping bodysuits, made with the highest quality fabrication to flatter all figures.


Wonder woman bodysuit

A little inspiration for your capsule wardrobe...

Our nude stirrup tights will go perfectly under all of our bodysuits, there is no control band around the top of the legs to ruin the look. 

Befitting for dancers!

B Free Stirrup tights with leotard

Our Angel Stick on bra will function perfectly under the Cabaret Bodysuit, and add all the cleavage the sweetheart mesh neckline deserves!

Black mesh bodysuit

Our Opera Bodysuit is made from Bamboo Rich Fabric, a must have for your winter wardrobe.

Bamboo Bodysuit

Obviously pair any of our white bodysuits with a pair of jeans and you have an effortless but highly fashionable outfit!

White Bodysuit Leotard

From day...

Mesh Bodysuit

To night!

Sexy Bodysuit

Take it up a notch, pair the Cabaret mesh sleeve bodysuit with a leather skirt and you have yourself a flawless Saturday night outfit!

What are you waiting for!?

Shop the best bodysuits in Australia now!

Beyonce bodysuit

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