The Best Women's Travel Underwear and Why! | B Free Australia

The Best Women's Travel Underwear and Why! | B Free Australia
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  • When shopping for travel underwear and bras, convenience and comfort are of the utmost importance. While on the road, or jumping from destination to destination, you might not have access to washing machines, or have the time to spend washing. If it’s a road trip in your state, or a two-month trip to the other side of the world, you should be focused on your itinerary, not on your underwear and washing. Here is a guide on how to buy the best travel underwear and bras for your next holiday.

The Top 5 Features You Should Look For In Travel Underwear:

  • Absolute comfort for long-haul travels: Whether on a plane, in a car, or on a days’ adventure in a new country, you don’t want to be worried about itchy undies, or anything digging in. Your underwear should be so comfortable that you don’t notice them or think about them.

  • The perfect fit: Getting the right size in your travel underwear is of the utmost importance. There is nothing worse than undies that are too tight or too baggy getting you down when you should be enjoying your holiday. We recommend seamless underwear (knitted on seamless Italian machinery) for flexible sizing that hugs and lightly supports your unique body shape without digging in.

  • Easy wash and wear: When travelling you need underwear that is easy to wash and quick to dry so you don’t need to worry about running out of underwear. High quality underwear from a trusted brand like B Free means that you don’t need to be concerned about the quality of the washing machine you are using, so you know your undies will last the journey and beyond. 

  • Absorbent cotton gusset: Quick dry fabrics mean the main body of your underwear won’t be cotton which is ideal for moisture wicking on sweaty days. However, it is essential that for comfort and hygiene you have a cotton gusset where you need it most. The fluffy cotton terry gusset knitted into B Free travel underwear is ideal for this.

  • No tags or side seams: Have you ever suffered from itchy tags irritating your skin, and then cut them off to find that you have made the edges sharper and the problem worse? For travel underwear you should always go for a seamless finish with no tags. B Free features sizing and care labels that are knitted into the fabric of the waistband so when it comes to tags and side seams you won’t feel a thing!

Our travel collection includes many different cuts and types so that everyone can feel comfortable in underwear and bras that are suited to their body type.

Our two most popular travel essential underwear styles are the High Cut and the Bikini.

Both provide ultimate stretch and have a lightweight fabric that is very comfortable and is quick dry, enabling the traveller to not worry about washing.

 The Travel Essentials- High Cut provides great coverage and offers light support with a high cut, that is flattering to your leg. It is stretchy, breathable and long-lasting, featuring a cotton gusset for absorption and breathability. They also have a range of sizes, from Size 10-20.

High cut undies in black and nude

The Travel Essentials- Hipster Bikini offers a super soft touch and feels, with a flattering cut and nice fit. Super stretchy and supportive, it features a cotton gusset that offers absorption and breathability.









Both are incredibly easy to pack and take up little room due to their lightweight fabric. They also have a range of sizes from 6-16. 

Shop travel underwear

    The Top 5 Features To Look For In Travel Bras:

    • Support with comfort: Travelling is not a time for an underwire push-up bra. To make the most of your holiday you want to look for a bra that offers medium support to minimise bounce and maximise comfort. A supportive wirefree bra like the Venus Double Support Bra is ideal for fuller busts, whilst smaller busts can get away with a lightweight pull on crop top.
    • No Wires, Tags or Labels: Just like with your underwear, you should always go for a tag free, seam-free finish with your travel bras. That means no underwires, no wires on the sides and no tags to minimise any chance or irritation to your skin.
    • Easy wash and wear: Ideally your travel bra will be of strong durable quality so it can be thrown into a washing machine (in a delicates bag if it has lace). It should also be made from a fabric that will dry quickly overnight. Traditional underwire bras with foam cups require special care to ensure they retain their shape and can take longer to dry. B Free travel bras are designed for total convenience when travelling and are durable, quick to dry and easy to care for.
    • Easy to pack: Traditional underwire structured bras can be cumbersome to pack - they take up too much space in your suitcase and are delicate and susceptible to being bent out of shape. Wirefree and seamless bras from B Free are ultra lightweight, compact and can be folded in your suitcase without affecting their shape.
    • The perfect fit: Did you know that most women are wearing the wrong size bra? When it comes to underwires getting the perfect fit is essential, and the truth is that your bra size changes more often than you would think. The solution is to go for a seamless, stretchy wirefree bra with flexi-sizing that makes bra shopping a breeze. B Free bras are constructed using seamless and wirefree technology that makes the band and cup sizing flexible to flatter and fit your unique shape and size.

      Bra-wise, our two most popular bras are the Aphrodite and the Venus bras.

      The Aphrodite Bra offers full coverage and a supportive rib band, which enables you to transition easily from sleepwear to daywear without changing bras. It also comes with lace, in colours black, nude and blue, and without lace in colours black and nude, depending on your preference. Available up to an F cup, they are suitable for a majority of sizes!


        If you want more support, then the Venus Bra is the choice for you.
        With double fabric, double support cups and full coverage sides, this bra will give you ultimate comfort, while ensuring you’re not suffocating or feeling any tightness. It also features wide straps for more enjoyment and ease of wear. This style also comes with lace in colours black, nude and burgundy, and without lace in colours nude and white, depending on your own preference. Available up to an E, DD, or D cup depending on the style and colour of bra you choose!


          The #1 Travel Essential For Summer Holidays - Anti-Chafing Shorts

          There is nothing to put a dampener on a balmy tropical holiday like the dreaded problem of chafing or thigh rub. Any women without a thigh gap (let’s face it that’s the vast majority of women) are at risk of chafing when humidity and warm weather hits. There is an easy solution for this - Cotton Rich Anti Chafing Shorts from B Free. Constructed using seamless, flattering and comfortable lightweight fabric, these shorts feature a generous high waist, a soft lace leg finish, and an ultra-stretchy fit that won’t constrict you. These comfy cotton rich shorts protect your thighs and have the added benefit of eliminating visible panty lines, so you can enjoy wearing all your floaty summer dresses and skirts and be chafe-free!
          Cotton Rich Anti Chafing Shorts for chub rub
          Feel safe with your purchases with our easy 100 day returns and exchange policy.

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