Tips & Tricks For Stick On Bras

Tips & Tricks For Stick On Bras
Stick on bra solutions
Stick on bras are an amazingly useful product to have, perfect for wearing with shapewear or under backless and strapless dresses. Trying to put on stick on bras right can be confusing for a first time user.
Below, we've made wearing stick on bras easy with our top five tips and tricks.
Push Up stick on bra

1. Cleavage!

Boost your bust size by wearing your stick on bra further part. Place the cups so the centre part is just covering the nipple. It will look strange at first, but once closed up and clicked together this will create instant cleavage.
Padded stick on bra

2. Push Up Effect

Point the hooks downwards to push up your bust. Once you clip the bra together, this will create a vertical lift for a push-up effect and bigger cleavage.

  Push up nude bra

 3. Perky Bust

Place the cups further up, rather than hugging underneath your breast. This will make your bust look perky, creating a nice silhouette.
stick in bra tips and tricks

 4. Put On In Front Of A Mirror

Put your stick on bra on in front of a mirror to get the fit symmetrical. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the desired effect, so simply peel it off and reapply, it's always best to put one cup on at a time!

Stick on bra tips

Top Tip: Clean dry skin! 
Make sure you don’t use any moisturiser or cream on your skin before applying the stick on bra. Your skin needs to be clean and dry in order for the adhesive to stick properly.

Extra Tip: 
Put the cup on inside out and carefully peel it back on to your skin. This will help it fit snugly on to your breast without any air pockets, but also stick better.
Always put on each cup separately before you clip the bra together.

5. Wash After Every Use!

Wash your stick on bra after wearing it so it maintains its stickiness. Hand wash it with mild soap and water and let it air dry.
 Tip:  Keep The Adhesive!

Once dry, put the clear plastic sheets that come with the bra on top to protect the adhesive. If you lose the plastic sheets, you can use a thick and glossy plastic bag instead and cut it to a similar shape. Please do not use glad wrap or thin plastic bags as this can stick to the adhesive permanently and will be very difficult to remove!



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    Juanita: April 03, 2019

    What can I do if the sticky bra doesn’t want to stay stick on my skin. I have tried everything.

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