Best Quality Cotton-Rich Underwear for All Women

Best Quality Cotton-Rich Underwear for All Women
Many people, especially women, seem to forget the purpose of underwear. We fall victim to cheap prices without thinking about how sub-standard qualities can negatively affect your health. Underwear is made because of their practicality and comfort, they’re the backbone of every wardrobe. They’re also an intimate, personal part of life that is specific to every person. Everyone is unique in what they prefer, and truth is, it’s up to you. All these important intentions illustrate how vital it is to choose underwear that is healthy for you.
At B Free Intimate Apparel, we have thought about each woman and what they want, because like life, it’s individual to each person. Comfort, durability, and affordability is what we aim, and is what we provide.
There are multiple health concerns when we talk about underwear. Red lines, digging in, and uncomfortable rubbing all because of the quality of these products. As women, we need breath-ability, air flow, and no feeling of digging or restrictiveness. Look and feel free in our underwear, without the added worry that it’ll hurt you and your health.
We offer a range of different underwear to suit all women with their different needs. We’ve considered changing body types and have made sure our underwear can accommodate each woman’s individual body.
Doctors and research have proven that cotton undergarments are the best for women’s health due to its breath-ability. Our classic Marilyn Cotton Full Brief is made from over 70% cotton fibres, offering full coverage that is snug but not restrictive to your body. They accommodate for a range of figures available from size 10-24, giving you soft abdominal support, lying just underneath the belly button. Cotton has been known to absorb excess and remove the heat and is also known to be a hypoallergenic material, perfect not just for hot days but for all seasons.
Marilyn Cotton Full Brief (Black)
If the high cut is more your style, our Cotton High-Cut Brief is for you! This underwear is made from over 70% cotton fibres, which have multiple benefits. They’re easy to dry and allow air to easily penetrate through it. Available in sizes 10-20, they are a great fit and provide ultimate comfort for every woman. They give you enough control, and the cut is pleasant and secure in your hips, lower tummy, and thighs. They also have a cotton gusset to allow for air flow and absorption. This underwear is great to take with you when you travel, or when you would like a high cut look for everyday wear.
 Cotton High-Cut Brief (Pink)
If you suffer from chafing, and prefer full coverage, why not try our Anti-Chafing Shorts. Made from over 70% cotton, our anti-chafing shorts are cool and breathable, so don’t be fooled by anti-chafing garments that are constricting and suffocating. Transitional and available for a variety of women sized 10-24, this option is great for those that need support around their groin and thighs under dresses or skirts, and even pants! With new Anti-Chafing Midi Shorts, this accommodates for a shorter hemline and for a greater range of your wardrobe.               
Cotton Anti-Chafing Shorts (White)Cotton Anti-Chafing Midi Shorts (Nude)
Feel safe with your purchases with our easy 100 day returns and exchange policy.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on ( 03) 9882 0471 or email us at Alternatively, you can visit our store 3 Russell Street Hawthorn East 3123, open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.
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