Best Solution to Handle Chafing During Pregnancy

Best Solution to Handle Chafing During Pregnancy
As an expectant mother, your focus is on your bub on the way. Your head might be on prams, cots and the expected day.  
While your focal point is on your new coming baby, you disregard the possible chafing in between your legs and groin. Don’t feel like you need to suffer with this, take care of yourself, so you can take care of your child.
At B Free Intimate Apparel, your whole focus can continue being on your baby, and you can live in comfort during this important process of your life.
White Pregnancy Anti-Chafing Shorts
We sell Maternity Anti-Chafing Shorts . An affordable, comfortable and cooling garment, great for any Mum to be. For pregnant women, it is often difficult to find garments that can support both themselves and feel supportive of their baby.
This item is knitted on Santoni machinery, which is a computerised seamless technology invented in Italy. The highly technical knitting computers produce fine quality products. Only High quality yarns can be used on those delicate knitting machines.
For this product we use over 70% cotton fibres with a blend of elastane. The Elastane provides stretch for comfort which is extremely important during maternity as the body shape goes through changes.
The Elastane is wrapped with cotton fibres to provide a direct touch of only cotton with the skin. Having a product  with no side seams provide a new level of comfort and smoothness. No digging in or cracking seams. 
You will have no issues of seams showing under skirts or creating any discomfort to you skin.
Being fine cotton yarns provides the natural qualities of cotton which are breath-ability, absorption and lightness. The natural cotton touch in contact with the skin is comforting and relaxing. 
In a large range of sizes from 8-22, this is a must-have in every maternity wardrobe. They incorporate a light waistband that covers your belly bump, with a soft, light, cotton-rich fabric and delicate lace trim, that has an effortless feeling when you walk in and out of it. They are secured so they don’t slip down, what’s not to love!
Black Pregnancy Midi Anti-Chafing Shorts
Not only do we have full length anti-chafing shorts for longer skirts and dresses, new to B Free Australia, we sell Maternity Anti-Chafing Midi Shorts for a variety of hemlines with equally the same comfort, so you don’t need to feel restrictive in what you wear during the hot summers and cool winters.
 Pregnancy Anti-Chafing Shorts Nude
A great advantage of this product is that throughout each trimester, our anti-chaffing shorts flow with your bodies fluctuating weight, and don’t constrict or lose their shape. This means that they are able to be worn post-maternity too! Instead of getting just one, buy in a pack and save heaps. This will ensure you always have a pair handy and ready to try on.
Also, feel safe in your purchases with our easy 100 day return and exchange policy
From B Free Australia, we congratulate you on your bub to come. Feel great physically and support yourself through this advancement in your life.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on  03 9882 0471, or email us at . Alternatively, you can visit our store 3 Russell Street Hawthorn East 3123, open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

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