Best Anti-Chafing Solution Shorts

Best Anti-Chafing Solution Shorts
Thigh rub and thigh chafing - this is a common problem that real women of many shapes and sizes experience. Floaty dresses and skirts bring to mind long and carefree summer days, but the dreaded problem of chafing can ruin it all. Not to worry! B Free has our ladies covered with a comfortable solution: Cotton Rich Anti Chafing Shorts. 

Who is affected by thigh chafing or ‘chub rub’?

We encourage all women to love their curves, including voluptuous womanly thighs – but when you add moisture, uncomfortable friction and repetitive rubbing of the thighs to the mix, this can lead to severe discomfort. Somewhere along the way, the rather unfortunate term “Chub Rub” was coined. In actual fact, thigh rub is related to a body shape and even petite ladies who are a size 8 can suffer from the discomfort of chafing. In other words, any one whose body shape doesn’t feature the elusive thigh gap is at high risk of chafing when humidity hits the air. 

What causes thigh rub and chafing discomfort?

Any degree of trapped moisture, such as sweating, combined with friction of the skin, can cause chafing. This can then lead to a series of symptoms including the familiar burning sensation, redness, rashes, bumps, itchiness and in more severe cases, blistering. Fit athletes and runners are well accustomed to this problem, but for most women, even on a regular day of walking and sitting in loose items of clothing, skirts or dresses,  thigh chafing can present itself. 

The Thigh Chafing Solution

So now that we understand more about why chafing occurs, and who it affects, we can show you the solution - Anti Chafing Shorts (or as they were more commonly known in the past - Witches Britches!).
The B Free range of anti chafing shorts is knitted on fine gauge Italian machinery to create a garment that is wonderfully soft, lightweight and super stretchy to flatter and embrace a variety of body shapes from sizes 10-26. If you are tall, petite, voluptuous, pregnant, pear shaped or curvy, we have a pair of anti-chafing shorts for you! Our sizing is generous and stretchy to ensure that you can feel completely comfortable without any constriction.

Anti-Chafing Shorts

Our regular anti-chafing shorts feature a high rise waist for full tummy coverage and a generous mid-thigh to above-the-knee length to ensure that any areas with the potential for chafing are covered. The longer leg length also means that there is no chance of ride-up. For ladies of average height and above, this is the ideal shape for you!
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Midi Anti-Chafing Shorts

If you are on the more petite side (with a height of 162cm or below), or if you specifically need shorts for a dress with a short hemline, we recommend the Anti-Chafing Midi shorts - a cropped version of our classic anti-chafing shorts, that still features our well loved high rise waist in sizes 10-26.

B Free Anti-Chafing Cotton Rich Shorts

B Free seamless cotton rich anti-chafing shorts are second to none - once you slip into the beautiful lightweight, body embracing cotton (that doesn’t feature the heaviness or constriction of traditional bike shorts or polyester counterparts) you will be hooked! The benefits of this style of anti-chafing shorts are numerous. Due to the soft and fine lace leg finish, and the generous high rise waist, these soft shorts give your body a smooth line across the tummy, bum, hips and thighs with no VPL - no panty lines! Thanks to the cotton terry gusset there is no need to layer extra underwear with your anti-chafing shorts so you can enjoy a smooth silhouette without any uncomfortable undies digging in and creating unsightly bulges. In addition to this, due to the cotton rich fabrication, these shorts are ideal to wear all year round. In summer you can enjoy the cooling and absorbent properties of cotton, whilst on cooler days you can enjoy the extra layer for warmth and comfort. 
Now that you are armed with the knowledge and tools, you can say goodbye to chafing, and say hello to a new chafe-free you. Chafing is one less thing you will ever need to worry about again thanks to B Free!
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