How to get an hourglass figure | A step-by-step guide with pictures and video!

How to get an hourglass figure | A step-by-step guide with pictures and video!

Hourglass, feminine, sexy, sultry curves. How do you achieve them? Most articles out there will give you a list of exercises and get you to work to create that perfect bombshell body. Whilst we advocate being healthy and active, no number of squats are going to turn a flat booty into one that can compete with the likes of Kim Kardashian. Here are some real tips on how to get an hourglass figure with real results.

Exercising is great to tone up your body and keep you feeling strong and confident. However, if you want to create a really dramatic difference to your shape, you aren’t going to get the results you want down that avenue.

Let's use the show Mad Men as an example. This blockbuster show brought curves back into fashion, with Christina Hendricks playing the iconic character Joan Holloway, who wiggled around the office displaying her luscious curves. The lead female characters on the show were actually banned from working out as they didn’t want their bodies to look too muscular. They created their show stopping hourglass silhouettes with period reproduction shapewear and girdles, that did at times cause the cast discomfort and pain.

How to get an hourglass figure like Joan from Mad Men

So the question is - how do we get that curvalicious, eye-popping bombshell Marilyn Monroe-esque look without painful period corsets, invasive surgery or gym exercises that won’t give the results you are after?

The solution is simple - modern, high-tech, seamless shapewear and some innovative accessories.

To create that dreamy hourglass body there are 4 areas to focus on:

    • Cleavage and bust size
    • Waist definition
    • Butt size
    • Hip size and curve 

    Below are the tips and tools of the trade - the insider secrets from lingerie fitting experts and costumiers to create the illusion of dreamy curves. There are 4 steps to the process. You can start at step 1 and stop right there, or keep going for more and more dramatic impact for the ultimate va-va-voom look.

    Meet Our Model

    Here is our regular size 10 model with a 12B bra cup who will be undergoing the hourglass transformation today. You will see every step in pictures to see how effective these solutions really are. 

    Before the magic happens


    Step 1: Shaping foundation garments

    Some of us have an hourglass shape naturally, and all you need is a slimming, sculpting body shaper to smooth everything into sexy undulating curves. Say goodbye to rolls and bulges, and say hello to a sexy silhouette.


    Underbust Shaping Shorts for a smooth curvy silhouette


    Step 2: Nip in that waist

    Once you have bulges under control and are enjoying your smooth silhouette, you want to amp it up and nip in your waist.

    Solution: Waist Cincher: This maximum control waist belt targets your waist and layers beautifully over an underbust shaper. It is super comfortable - not as restricting as a corset, and creates dramatic impact.

    Waist Cincher Belt with shapewear for hourglass shape


    Step 3: Add hip and butt enhancers for extra oomph

    Solution: Hip/Booty Boosters

    To make heads turn and transform yourself into Jessica Rabbit this step is absolutely essential. Add some padded enhancers for an instant butt lift and to add curves to your hips.

    Booty Boosters: These generous round pads create shape and lift to your derriere in seconds. Perfectly shaped with a gentle curve for discreet yet dramatic curvature.

    Hip Boosters: Place these where you may notice slight hip indendations and create a beautifully rounded look.

    Hip pads, bum pads, waist cincher belt and shapewear for hourglass shape

    Step 3: Create cleavage and increase your cup size

    To match the curves you are creating on the bottom you need to amplify your bust and create cleavage. Even the flattest girls can enjoy an ample bosom with our little secret.


    Solution: Stick On Bras

    Angel Stick On Bra: For sumptuous cleavage you can’t look past the Angel Stick On Bra. Pull the toggle and watch your bust transform.


    Shapewear accessories to create an hourglass shape

    Cushion Fabric Stick On Bra: With bump up cushioning pads to create a rounded shape and a lightweight feel these create round curvy boobs without the weight.

    Padded push up stick on bra for cleavage


    Sleek Fabric Stick On Bra: An insider secret of the trade is adding a stick on bra underneath your regular underwire bra. This creates a push up effect like no other. This lightweight fabric stick on bra creates beautiful cleavage and you can pair this with an underwire bra that will give you lift and support if you need it.

    Tip: Get a cup size smaller than your usual stick on bra to tuck into your underwire bra and keep it discreet.

    Sleek Fabric Stick On Bra with underwire bra for pushup effect



    Final Result: Sexy, Hourglass Curves!

    Shapewear to create hourglass figure from B Free Intimate Apparel

    And there you have the step by step detailed guide that shows you how to transform your body into a sleek, smooth, curvalicious hourglass figure. No surgery, no discomfort and no pain – with amazing results. With your new curves you may notice that you will have a little more wiggle in your step, some sway to your hips – enjoy it and unleash your inner goddess.

    Hourglass figure • How to create curves with shapewear

    These tips and tricks are here for you to have some fun. There is no need to go under the knife to get a celebrity body - these are simple solutions that actually work. Enjoy the dramatic enhancement and get out there and flaunt it! 




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