5 Reasons To Switch To A Wirefree Bra Today

5 Reasons To Switch To A Wirefree Bra Today


The Great Debate: Underwire or Wirefree?

This has been debated over for YEARS. Often, the main argument for underwire-aficionados is that wire-free bras may be comfortable but they lack support. It’s high time we get rid of this tit-for-tat and introduce the best of both worlds: wire-free bras have all the support of underwire bras and more.

Basically; no wire bras are the best option.

Here’s why: 


1. Support

Large Busts – Fear Not!

With support, it’s not about wire or no wire. It’s about finding the right bra. There should honestly be a MythBuster’s episode about this because the idea that wireless bras offer no support is total fiction.

It’s not about wire/no wire. It’s about finding the right size, the right fabric; the best bra for you.

And the icing on top of this mammoth of a fable; that wireless bras' won’t work for larger busts. They will. Personally speaking, I am an E cup and have been wearing wireless bras on the regular ever since I needed one and they have never failed me.

Full busted Wirefree Double Support Lace Bra


Obviously, everyone has a personal preference. If you like bras that lift the gals to space then underwire is the way to go. But for many wireless is the best option. The great mistake is not even trying the wireless because of the horror stories surrounding them. Wireless bras are a perfect balance; supportive and comfortable. You just need to give them the chance to be.

2. Shape

Look Good, Feel Good

MythBusters; continued.
The second idea floating around is that wireless bras make you lose the round shape you want. With some, that can be the case.
But here is the solution:




You can get wireless bras with round padding that do wonders for your shape.

Or if you’re looking to minimise and think padding would be a bit too much; padding is removable. In this case, it’s better to try a few bras and find which one keeps your shape.

Many women with larger busts look for minimising. If you want minimisation, nipple coverage, and support; the best bra for you is this one.

Red lace Wirefree bra for large busted curvy women


It’s double layered for that minimal shape you want and super supportive. It’s perfect for casual wear for ladies with larger busts. 

It is possible to have an amazing shape while wearing wire-free bras.


3. Style

Beauty is NOT pain

Wireless bras can be really cute

Cotton Lace Wirefree bra


There are colours, cuts, and all kinds to make you feel gorgeous from the bottom to the top. If you’re looking for that heavenly balance between comfort and appeal, there are so many options out there for you.


4. Durability

Wireless bras can survive an apocalypse

I’m not exaggerating.
I find myself buying new underwire bras all the time because they keep getting all out of whack after a few washes. But my wire-free bras. Woah. They have not lost any shape in the years I’ve had them.
It’s important to regularly buy new bras for hygiene reasons but you won’t have to replace your wireless bras as frequently. Can anyone hear those coins jingling? Wireless bras will save you money!

5. Ultimate Comfort

Did I just fall asleep with my bra on? Oops.

Padded Bamboo Wirefree Sleep bra


You know that feeling when you take off your bra at the end of the day? Is there any better feeling? Yes, there is. There’s never enduring that wire that shovels its way into your ribs in the first place. There’s wearing a wireless bra and feeling amazing the whole day through.

 Do you want that feeling?


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