Best Invisible and Seamless Underwear to Defeat VPLs

Best Invisible and Seamless Underwear to Defeat VPLs
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It’s true, a major nuisance and con of underwear is having to deal with panty lines during everyday life. Whether it’s a tight dress at a cocktail night, jeans you’re wearing out with a friend, or gym pants you’re wearing to the gym or getting around in, you want to feel contoured with no lines disrupting your confidence. Normal thongs and briefs can be uncomfortable and tight, clinging to skin and giving you unrelenting pain and red marks after you wear them. The feeling of insecurity and self-consciousness can be overwhelming for some, but there is a solution.
Underwear is one of the first steps in everybody’s everyday routine; to grab a new pair of underwear to put on to start the day. They’re a special and intimate part of every woman’s life, so it’s important to feel comfortable and secure in what you’re wearing, without any stress or hassle.



At B Free Australia we’ve tailored two types of underwear that solve this common issue that most women deal with; VPL (visible panty lines).
Invisible White Brief Mood

Naked Invisible Brief In White

Stop feeling the need to put up with this, especially when there is an effective, affordable option that is tailored for comfort while having an invisible look and importantly, feel.


One of the first steps in everybody’s everyday routine, is to grab a new pair of underwear to put on to then start your day.  Our naked brief and thong are the best solutions to feeling comfortable, and to having an effortless look and feel. They both sit seamlessly under the clothing, not just the thong as some may think. We also use a heat transfer label, which gives you a great advantage of no tingles or rashes from nasty tags.


Exceptionally soft with an effortless feeling that melts into your skin, our ‘invisible’ underwear shows no panty lines whatsoever, so you can go about your day. They’re used with a special bonded technology, so they’re not sewed. The hemline and leg edges are ‘invisible,’ and are bonded in a way that provides a seamless look. The gusset in these two garments are made from cotton, so it reduces stress in between your legs and allows for a breathable and absorbing feel.


Invisible White Brief (Side)


Our Invisible Naked Hipster Brief provides a lower cut for smaller sizes, and higher cut for larger sizes, so that each body type is accommodated to what looks best on their own body type. They’re flattering and easy to wear, giving you exceptional and full coverage on the bottom, and a small amount of coverage on the side.
Invisible Nude Thong (Side)
If your style is more directed towards thongs, then our Invisible Naked Thong is for you! A breathable, seamless soft fabric gives you the illusion of not wearing anything at all, you’ll forget it’s even on! There can be a preconceived idea that thongs are uncomfortable and should be associated with discomfort but gives ours a try. They’re soft and perfect to wear with anything, you won’t regret it. They’re perfect for sheer dresses or everyday use.


Invisible Black Thong (Back)Invisible Black Brief (Back)


Both our naked thong and brief, in our invisibles range offer a soft and lightweight option that are seamless and have no tags attached to irritate or rub.
Feel safe with your purchases with our easy 100 day returns and exchange policy.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 03 9882 0471 or email us at Alternatively, you can visit our store 3 Russell Street Hawthorn East 3123, open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.
Naked Hipster Brief Naked Hipster Brief Pack
Naked ThongNaked Thong Pack

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