Support Body Tape Roll

Discover the must-have solution for every woman, regardless of cup size. Whether you have a full bust looking for unmatched support and lift for your full busts or dream of effortlessly creating captivating cleavage with smaller busts, our versatile Booby Tape is the ultimate game-changer you've been searching for!

How To Wear:

1. Start with clean dry skin free from any oils and moisturisers. To ensure longevity, we recommend applying rubbing alcohol to the areas you will stick the tape. You can also wear nipple covers under this tape for added comfort when removing the tapes.

2. Cut the desired length from the tape.

3. Position and lift your bust to the desired position and stick the tape working from the bottom to the top. Press firmly to activate the glue and ensure adhesion.



How To Remove:

1. Use a lightweight oil and completely soak your breast tape.

2. Let the oil to soak into the tape for at least 15 minutes to allow the oil to dissolve the adhesive. You will know it is working when the tape is slowly peeling away from your skin.

3. Starting at the bottom corner, gently and carefully peel the tape while supporting the skin.

4. Use more oil on areas that need extra help. Never rip the tape as this can irritate your skin and be painful.


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