Breast & Body Shaped Lift Tape

The B Free Breast & Body Lift Tape features a teardrop shape that perfectly envelopes your bust that makes it easier to gain lift for all-day and all-night hold.

How To Wear:

1. Start with clean dry skin free from any oils and moisturisers. To ensure longevity, we recommend applying rubbing alcohol to the areas you will stick the tape. You can also wear nipple covers under this tape for added comfort when removing the tapes.

2. Peel off the backing from the bottom half of the breast tape.

3. Lift your bust to your desired position and stick the bottom half of the tape to the bottom of your breast. Press firmly.

4. Remove the top half of the sticker backing, lift up and stick firmly in place.

5. Make sure the adhesive sits flat against the skin.


How To Remove:

1. Use a lightweight oil and completely soak your breast tape.

2. Let the oil to soak into the tape for at least 15 minutes to allow the oil to dissolve the adhesive. You will know it is working when the tape is slowly peeling away from your skin.

3. Starting at the bottom corner, gently and carefully peel the tape while supporting the skin.

4. Use more oil on areas that need extra help. Never rip the tape as this can irritate your skin and be painful.


Australian Company and Design.