The Ultimate Investment For Your Wardrobe - Why You Need These High Waisted Black Leggings Now!

The Ultimate Investment For Your Wardrobe - Why You Need These High Waisted Black Leggings Now!

In today’s world - the era of Athleisure and Sports Luxe - comfort rules but there is no compromising on style. The lines between gym wear, casual wear and going out wear have all but blurred. This is great news for those of us who enjoy an active lifestyle and want a comfortable wardrobe that can keep up. Today we are here to talk about the number one investment you need in your wardrobe. The one piece that will take you from gym, to day, to night whilst looking chic, effortless and flattering - B Free’s Athleisure High Waisted Leggings.

Classic Design With No Gimmicks For Seamless Transitions Between Everyday Activities, Gym Sessions and Date Night

The classic cut, flattering lines and simple design of these black leggings mean that they have the flexibility to be worn any way you like. With no external branding, logos, stripes, patterns or extra seams, these leggings make a great base for an everyday comfortable outfit without looking like you have just stepped out of the gym. These leggings are the perfect piece for a casual layered look and are a dream to wear when travelling. Thanks to their high waistline and sleek finish which lend a dressier touch to these leggings, they are perfect to pair with a cute top and heels for your next date night. Whether you want to dress them up, down or take them for a run, you can enjoy their flattering effect and comfortable feel anytime.

Functional Performance Wear - Sports Leggings Australia

These sports leggings may have a multitude of uses outside of the gym, but that doesn’t detract from their superior functionality and performance during your workout sessions. The high quality fabric hugs your body and provides light compression with complete freedom of movement. The finish of the fabric is buttery soft with a matte satiny sheen that makes these gym leggings sweat proof and moisture wicking to get you through a sweaty cardio intense workout. For weight training days, these leggings have you covered as they are squat proof and hug your waistline without digging in or rolling down. If you need to keep a card or a key on you during your workout or run, you can use the discreet pocket inside the front waistband. Ideal for pilates or yoga sessions, these leggings stretch and move with your body without creating any restriction and without ever moving out of placing or rolling uncomfortably. The comfortable extended gusset panel allows for full range of movement without pulling or cracking seams. In all, these comfortable, functional and flattering leggings will give you the confidence and support to give it your all in your next workout.

Sports leggings in Black

Flattering On All Body Shapes - High Waisted Leggings Australia

We tried these women’s gym tights on a range of women from size 8-20 to demonstrate that these leggings truly do flatter real women of all shapes and sizes. For plus size activewear, performance gym leggings or everyday high waisted leggings, these black leggings are a staple for any woman's wardrobe. The super high waist line with double layer tummy panel provides light compression and sleek body shaping without any restriction. The tummy panel is elastic free and seamless along the top meaning you can say goodbye to muffin tops and say hello to a smooth and sleek body line.






Black high waisted sports leggings on different size models

The expertly crafted seams on these high waisted gym tights come down towards a subtle V-point above your butt to enhance the shape of your booty. You can rest assured that these tried and tested squat proof leggings will keep you covered to avoid any embarrassing moments. The wide tummy panel wraps around to the back and further flatters your shape for a toned tummy and a perfectly defined rear end. Thanks to the super stretchy body-hugging fabric you will never need to worry about bagging or sagging and can enjoy the super sculpted, sleek finish that shows off your curves. There is no need to worry about the dreaded camel toe with these leggings. Despite having a front seam (which lend a more tailored and dressy look to these leggings), the discreet extended crotch gusset is designed to eliminate the chance of any fabric settling into areas that you don’t want highlighted. With the luxurious sleek fabric, classic design, expert craftsmanship and classic black shade, these leggings will flatter your unique body shape and size, and leave you feeling confident, comfortable and beautiful.

Comfort Plus and Long Lasting Quality

Women today demand total comfort and premium quality. When you are investing in a wardrobe staple there is no reason to settle for anything less than the best. Whilst providing light compression to your tummy and legs, these leggings don’t create any restriction that could cause discomfort. Thanks to the dig-free seamless design of the waist panel, you can enjoy the benefits of a lightly hugged and supported waistline and lower tummy without restriction or rolling up or down. There is no feeling of tightness or pulling at the crotch seam, as the perfect proportions of these leggings means that your body is hugged in all the right places with plenty of flexibility to match the movements of a yoga class. The fabric feels super smooth, buttery soft and has a sleek sheen - it is difficult not to keep touching your legs in awe when you first wear these leggings. This luxurious fabric has anti-pilling properties which means you can enjoy the same quality and feel wash after wash. With no tags to dig in and irritate your skin, and smooth flat lock stitched seams for maximum comfort these leggings have all the quality and benefits to justify their price tag.

If you are looking for a comfortable, classic and flattering pair of ladies leggings to add to your wardrobe, or high performing women’s sports tights, you can’t look past the B Free Athleisure High Waisted Leggings for gym.


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