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If you're looking for the perfect solution to wear those tricky outfits, a Sleek Stick on Bra is an essential item in your wardrobe. We have tried and tested many stick on bras, and we can confidently say that our favourite by far is the sleek stick on bra. Here's why:

Great Glue: The glue on the sleek stick on bra is strong and reliable, ensuring that the bra stays in place throughout the day or night.


Round Shape: The round shape of the sleek stick on bra gives a natural and lifted look to the breasts, enhancing your overall silhouette.


Slightly Padded: The sleek stick on bra is slightly padded, providing extra comfort and support.

Size Range: The sleek stick on bra is available in sizes up to F Cup, accommodating a variety of bust sizes.

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Invisible Loops: One unique feature of the sleek stick on bra are the hidden secret loops along its contour, these invisible loops allow for the attachment of transparent straps. This feature is particularly useful for larger bust sizes as it provides additional support and lift, without the need for booby tape.


The transparent straps of the sleek stick-on bra offer limitless possibilities for pairing it with any dress, regardless of how intricate the opening is. To help achieve the desired look, we've produced a range of videos demonstrating various innovative ways to wear the bra. Our extensive experimentation has revealed that the bra's versatility lies not only in the multiple options for attaching the straps in different directions, but also in the numerous ways the cups themselves can be worn to solve various outfit-opening challenges.

In conclusion, the sleek stick on bra is a must-have item for any fashion-forward individual. Its strong glue, round shape, slight padding, and size range up to F Cup make it a great option for a variety of outfits. Plus, the invisible loops for transparent straps provide additional support and versatility, making the sleek stick on bra an excellent investment for your wardrobe.

And very last, don't forget, when first unpacking a stick-on bra, it may appear smaller than expected in comparison to your breast size. However, it is important to note that the stick-on bra is designed to provide minimal coverage for the most challenging dress openings. Its purpose is to provide support and lift to the breasts, directing them upward or to the side, depending on the dress opening. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned if the stick-on bra appears smaller than anticipated. We recommend watching our instructional videos on how to properly apply the cups and experimenting with different placement options to achieve the desired look that matches your dress. As a helpful tip, remember that the stick-on bra is an accessory intended to enhance and complement your outfit.

Additional Tips & Wardrobe Hacks:

  • You can wear the stick on bra cups differently to suit your individual body shape, needs and the neckline of your outfit.
  • You may apply additional straps that can be hooked into the tiny slits in the binding along the edge of the cups. These can be worn as a halter neck, one shoulder, cross back, or as loops around your shoulders.
  • You can position the cups slightly further up on the breasts for the appearance of a fuller rounded silhouette when wearing higher neck outfits.
  • You can position the cups slightly further apart on the body for maximum cleavage.
  • You can position the cups unhooked with the clips pointing straight up for open plunge neck outfits.
  • To achieve more lift, position the clips at a sharper angle downwards when applying each cup. Once both cups are in place, clip them together to scoop up your bust and provide lift.
  • Stick On bras are versatile and an amazing wardrobe hack that can be used in a multitude of different ways. These are just some tips and inspiration, but your creativity is the limit.

Yael Carmeli

Managing Director

B Free Australia


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