How to get a smaller waist

How to get a smaller waist
If a tiny waist is what you desire, we have the tips and tricks for you. Depending on the level of waist cinching you want to achieve, read on for the ultimate guide on how to use shape wear, accessories and corsetry to enhance your waist line.

Level 1 - Waist Slimming with Shapewear
For double layer tummy control with maximum seamless compression, you can’t look past the range of B Free Ultimate Stayup Shapewear. Coming in 4 different shapes: thong, brief, shorts or dress, you can pick the style that suits your outfit and preference. These shapers sit all the way up under the bust to slim and smooth your entire torso, including your waist. They give you the benefit of high shaping control without restricting your movement or comfort.

Level 2 - Targeted Waist Reduction with Waist Cincher
Take your base shape wear to the next level with a waist cincher that targets your waistline to create an hourglass silhouette. It is essential to add this accessory over your underbust shaper to avoid bulges. Note that the waist cincher belt is best used to further enhance an existing waistline, and is not suitable for apple shapes. When wearing the waist cincher, we recommend that you position the waist shaping band so that the bottom edge sits at the smallest part of your waist. Say hello to sexy curves as the stretchy boned cincher belt enhances the waist and also creates the illusion of curvier hips.

Level 3 - Waist Sculpting with Corset
If you have a special occasion and want to take your outfit to the next level, a steel flexi-boned corset creates a dramatic shape like no other. A bit of determination is needed to squeeze into this corset. You must use some strength to secure the corset one hook at a time starting from the top, but the results are well worth it. Your tummy will be completely flat, your back will be supported with perfect posture and your waist will be sculpted, compressed and cinched. A little trick, to even further enhance your waist, is to use your hands to bend the bones in at the waist while wearing the corset. The spiral steel bones will take on this hourglass shape and sculpt your body to perfection. To make it easier to wear the corset, and for a smooth lower body to match, you may choose to wear the ultimate stay-up shaping shorts underneath the corset.
Flexi Steel Boned Corset
Level 4 - Waist Transformation with Corset + Waist cincher
For maximum waist cinching and body sculpting, you can add a waist cincher over the top of your corset. For this to be effective, we recommended sizing down in the waist cincher, as your waist will already be compressed from the corset.

With these 4 levels of waist slimming and sculpting, you can pick the best option for your body, comfort level and occasion.

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