How to get a bigger booty?

How to get a bigger booty?
These days a round curvy butt is all the rage. It’s official, curves are in! For women blessed with luscious curves its time to embrace your “ass”ets and flaunt it - but what about the rest of us ladies who don’t have naturally big butts? The solution is simple - butt pads! One of B Free’s hottest selling items is our booty booster set that you can slip under your shaping shorts for an extra boost when you need it.
What to look for when shopping for butt pads?
When doing an in-store fitting the two things we hear most often about the B Free butt pads is:
“They look so big” when seeing the pads in person.
“They look so natural” when worn with the shaper on the body.
Steer clear of butt pads that look too small in circumference. You don’t want to look like you have a bubble sitting on top of your butt. You want a pad that is wide and long with good surface area so that it blends naturally into the shape of your body, and gives you a bubble butt! That is why the B Free booty boosters are so large in size, with thiner edges, and graduating thickness towards the middle. This results in dramatic shape, with a natural look.Model in before and after photo using booty and hip boosters from B Free Intimate Apparel

 Another important feature in butt pads is an adhesive layer for extra security. A sticky layer against your skin can get very uncomfortable, so we always design B Free pads to have the adhesive layer to stick to the shaper. This way your pads become part of the shaper, and all you feel is soft fabric foam against your skin.

How to wear butt pads?

Butt pads are best worn with B Free shaping shorts to help hold them firmly in place, and give a smooth seamless silhouette. Simply slip the pads into place under the shorts and check in the mirror to adjust the positioning for your desired effect. Every body shape is different, but we usually find that the fuller edge should sit towards the bottom of your butt, and the narrow end should sit up towards your lower back.

Model in white Power Shorts by B Free AustraliaShop Power Shorts

Once your are happy with the positioning you can choose to remove the seal for the adhesive layer and stick the butt pads onto your shaper for an extra secure fit. Usually you can reach under the shaper (from the waist line) when wearing it, and peel the plastic off the pad and stick it in place. If this is too tricky, you can either ask a friend to help and reach through from under the legs and peel off the plastic layer, or you can stick the pads in place when the shaper is off your body.

Model in black dress shows of curves from using booty boosters from B Free Intimate Apparel

Booty boosters - a simple and discreet trick for a dramatic shape, and a big boost to your confidence!


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