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Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads - Black 5 Pack
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Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads - Black 5 Pack Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads - Black 5 Pack Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads - Black 5 Pack Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads - Black 5 Pack Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads - Black 5 Pack Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads - Black 5 Pack Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads - Black 5 Pack

Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads - Black 5 Pack

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This 5 Pack of Reusable Period Pads are an effective way of reducing monthly costs from buying pads or tampons while minimising waste and contribution to landfills.

The B Free eco-friendly reusable sanitary pads are ideal for medium to super high flow periods, incontinence or bladder leakage and discharge. These washable sanitary pads feature a waterproof backing for all-day confidence that you won't experience any leakages. The absorbent fleece lining wicks away moisture to ensure long-lasting comfort.

To wear these easy-to-use pads with wings, simply clip onto your undies to secure in place all day or all night. If you are out and about and want to change to a fresh pad, fold the used pad so the waterproof backing is on the outside and secure the clip on the wings to store. Once you get home you can rinse them out and put it in the washing machine when you are ready.

  • Approx. 25.5cm length and 9cm width (when fastened). Please note that these measurements are estimates and actual measurements may vary due to production. 
  • Black shade
  • Leakproof design for all-day confidence
  • Suitable for regular to super heavy flow periods
  • Suitable for incontinence and bladder leakage
  • Can be worn overnight 
  • Washable and re-usable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Absorbent to prevent leakage
  • Clips to secure onto underwear
  • Fold and clip to store in your bag while out and about
  • Comes in a complimentary pouch

Washing Instructions: After use, we recommend rinsing it with cold water until it runs clear (as hot water can set the stain), hand wash or pop them in the washing machine. For heavier flow days, you can do a pre-wash step by first soaking the pad in cold water with a drop of tea tree oil to sanitise.

Please note that due to hygiene reasons this item is not eligible for return.

reusable washable period pads for regular to heavy flow periods also suitable for incontinence bladder leakage or discharge
For regular to super heavy flow periods. Also suitable for incontinence and bladder leakage

Want To Know 10 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Reusable Pads? Click here to read it on our blog! 

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B Free Australia Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads - Pink Floral 5 Pack ReviewB Free Australia Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads - Pink Floral 5 Pack Review
I recommend this product

An environmental investment.

Gals, listen up! Periods can be gross and can get pretty messy and are overall, the burden of the month!! But we are pretty awesome for dealing with the forces of nature as best as we can- even though for 5 to 7 days, it can be an emotional roller coaster! To ease some of that burden, let me introduce (or rather, review.) this product that will ease some of that burden. These reusable pads are everything you want in something that is intended to be used on a monthly basis; amazingly comfortable, absorbent, easy to wash (and that print, SO cute and colourful! Which makes you feel slightly smiley about something that we do not usually smile about.) The first few heavier days you might usually find yourself changing regularly because of that damp or sticky feeling (which in warmer weather, feels extra yuck!!) But with these and their super absorbent awesomeness, you will find you will change less frequently and because of the soft and gentle fabric that is a dream against sensitive skin- sometimes even forget it's there! Now, I have bragged to my girlfriends about these and they are hesitant because of the wash + drying process, but oh my goodness- it is so simple and not as messy as you would think! Rinse them before you hand wash or chuck them in the washing machine (in a washing bag.) To extend their brilliant life. Also, FALSE: the water does not turn a dark shade of red when you rinse. If you wanted to try them out and start off small, this is a great set for that! I've just ordered the starter set, because it is better to have the freedom to change them regularly if need be.- who knows, you may find yourself purchasing more too!! Overall, a fantastic product that does not only do what it is intended too, but it also saves you money and helps the environment in the long run. Also, a quick shout out to the customer service team at Bfree, they are so lovely, helpful and very quick to respond. Happy with my purchase and highly recommend!

Kat .
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Amazing product!

B free reusable pads have changed the game! They are so convenient, comfortable, easy to use, and means that my periods are now 100% eco-friendly as I no longer need to use disposable pads. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a more sustainable solution to their periods.

Meagan F.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Soft and comfortable

Love this product. They are not only softer, but longer than other brands I have tried, without compromising comfort.

Zoe C.
Australia Australia
B Free Australia Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads - Pink Floral 5 Pack Review
I recommend this product


I highly recommend them. They feel soooo much better than disposable pads, so soft, and are easy to clean too.

Meagan L.
Australia Australia
B Free Australia Reusable Stay-Dry Leakage & Period Pads - Pink Floral 5 Pack Review
I recommend this product

Love them!

I’m a 5-9 day bleeder the first 3 days super heavy then just the annoying spotting! Pads irritated my lady bits and over night on my first days I’d always get blood in my bed! So I figured why not buy something soft and reusable! Best decision ever!! They not only hold more blood then a pad, also had no blood in my bed!!! So soft I can’t feel I have them on! I love them so mush I just bought more for my sister and mother in law (for her incontinence)!

Jennifer d.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Great product

Coming back for more!

Amber .
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Amazing product

I had been looking for black re-usable pads for sometime and when I saw these available - I immediately purchased 2 sets. I had no doubt they would be good quality as I have purchased many other B-Free products before. I purchased them for periods and for stress incontinence purposes. They are breathable, easy to use, easy to wash and comfortable. Highly recommend.

Rebecca S.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

An absolutely solid investment

Having used a menstrual cup for a few years now, I bought this bundle about 2 weeks before giving birth to my fourth baby, in the hopes of avoiding those horrible maternity pads postnatally. They arrived within a couple of days, which was the first positive thing. And then I started using them immediately post birth, and was blown away at how awesome they are! The level of absorbency was far beyond my expectations, and they kept me so clean and dry. In addition to that, they were so much more comfortable than disposable pads. This was also a bit of a "trial run" to test this type of product before my daughter gets her first period (at 13yo, its likely to be very soon!). I want her to have the ability to use sustainable products for her entire reproductive years, and these are going to be the perfect choice. So I guess I'll be making another purchase soon. Please accept my many thanks. I'm thoroughly impressed. Michelle :)

Michelle F.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

So nice.

I absolutely love BFree and their products. These sanitary napkins are beautiful, soft and comfortable and they do exactly what they are supposed to. They fold up nicely and don’t smell. I bought a set for my daughter as well.

Wendy S.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Very Satisfied

Very happy with the website browsing and the process of purchasing and checking out. Really happy with the packaging of the product when it is delivered. The product itself is nice, comfortable and easy to be used. Overall I am very happy with the experience.

Stephanie L.
Australia Australia

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