Black Lace Underwear

My girlfriends and I get together every Thursday evening for coffee. It has been this way for years, and we do our best to keep it up. Even is the kids are a nuisance and the babysitter cancelled, we find a solution and we make it. It is our one weekly opportunity for girl time, us time, to unwind and make some sense out of life. About three years ago, I can’t even remember how we came onto this, we had a coffee where we talked about briefs and fancy briefs and so on, and the next week we all happened to be wearing black underwear with lace on them. We thought this the greatest coincidence of all times, so we started calling it black lace underwear night. Only when our husbands were out of earshot, of course, otherwise they might start getting curious about these coffee meetings…

Every now and again one of us stumbles across a cute pair of black lace underwear in a shop or in a boutique and we take a photo and send it to the other girls. Last week, Daina went a little far and actually brought to our coffee meeting four black pairs of black underwear with lace at the waist. They were very low-cut, boy leg cut I think it’s called, and they weren’t as fancy as some of the pictures we used to send each other. Still, they were pretty darn cute, and we all asked why she had bought us each a pair. “They’re the most comfy lace undies I have ever tried on,” she assured us. “You have to try them. Have to,” she said, pointing at the little gift boxes.

The next week we all readorned at our usual coffee shop. There was a consensus: these were indeed the most comfy undies, black or no black, lace or no lace. “Where did you get them??” we all demanded of Diane. She told us she bought them online from the website of a local brand called B Free Intimate Apparel. I’m pretty sure I know very well what we were all doing later that evening at home…pantie shopping online!