19 Different Types of Panties

My girlfriend and I were having an argument the other day: what does a woman own more of – shoes or panties? She said shoes. I said panties. We really got into it, and we started naming all the different types of undies, woman had: nice everyday underwear, older and not-as-nice everyday underwear, fancy underwear, sexy underwear, I’m-on-my-period underwear, gym underwear, wear-under-a-skirt underwear, wear-under-tight-pants underwear, travel underwear, cut and sew underwear, seamless underwear, high cuts, low cuts, hipsters, boylegs, full briefs, granny panties, G-strings and lace underwear. Nineteen. Suffice to say, I won this argument, and we continued discussing the following: Why do women need so many pairs of panties?

After three hours and two cups of coffee (which involved many stories on underwear-related dramas), we concluded that underwear are like purses, or like our previous topic of shoes – they are a way for women to express themselves. A way for us to exhibit (though not to the world, hopefully, you’re wearing pants too) what mood we are in, what we are going through, what kind of person we are – and so on and so forth. Of course, this led to discussing our own personal lingerie drawers and their content, and what we hate and love the most about them.

My friend is a G-string type of girl – she likes the severe, the sexy and less-is-more kind of style. I, on the other hand, am the seamless kind of girl, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I have a brand that I adore – B Free Intimate Apparel, an Australia designer I think – and every six months I go to their site and buy myself six or so pairs of her seamless panties. When the shipment arrives, I open my lingerie drawer and throw away the oldest, most worn out pair of underwear that I own. I am the free, confident, more is more kind of girl. I think that by treating my body kindly with high quality intimate apparel I express that I believe I am valuable. No seams to irritate, no sizing issues – and super soft on my skin. Why should I wear anything else?