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About our Maternity Bras

For all mums, comfort is a major concern. Its important that you choose a maternity bra thats going to be soft, comfortable, and flexible enough to adjust to the many changes your body is going to go through.


Removable Pads 

Both maternity bras have removable pads, which offer breast support as well as acting as a barrier for leaky nipples. The pads are super easy to remove and wash, and you can wear your maternity bra without any padding as well if that's something you prefer.


Avoid Underwire 

Pregnancy is a time where womens bodies are constantly changing - and rapidly. Because of these fast body changes, the last thing pregnant women should be wearing is tight, structured and inflexible maternity bras. In particular, pregnant women should make sure to avoid bras with underwire, as these will be much too restrictive on breasts that are likely to grow and keep on growing.


Wireless and Flexible

With B Free Maternity bras, you don’t have to suffer through your pregnancy with underwire bras any longer. We’ve designed our maternity bra range especially for pregnant women like you - women whose bodies are undergoing fast and constant changes. All our maternity bras are designed in flexible, supportive, and high-quality material, stretchy enough to adjust with your body as you undergo your pregnancy.