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Bamboo Nursing Bra


About Our Breastfeeding Bras

Our breastfeeding bras are one of our most popular products. We’ve designed these bras to make breastfeeding as smooth and easy as possible for new mums, with a range of innovative features to keep mum and bub happy and healthy.


Breastfeeding Clip

Our nursing bras let you breastfeed without the hassle of taking off your bra. We’ve included an easy to use nursing clip to make breastfeeding as simple and discreet as possible. Both shoulder straps have a clip which allows the cup of your bra to detach and roll down, revealing the nipple for breastfeeding.


Support Sling

The support sling in our breastfeeding bras exposes the nipple without revealing the rest of the breast. Simply unclip your nursing clip and the bra cup will peel down, stopping just below your nipple. This provides bust support - even while breastfeeding!


Bamboo Blend

We’ve created our breastfeeding bras in a soft, bamboo blend. Using only premium materials, the fabric of the bra is gentle and kind on sore skin. Featuring a smooth touch lining on the interior of the bra, the inside of the bra is designed to be soothing on delicate and tender nipples.


Removable Pads

Breastfeeding bras come with padding that can be easily removed. Padding acts as a barrier for nipple leakage, and also provides support for your bust and creates an attractive body line under clothing. To wear without padding, simply remove the padding through the slit in the interior of the bra. You can also remove the padding to wash the pads and the bra, and to sleep in.



Breastfeeding bras are completely seamless, made without any tags, side seams or labels. This means theres nothing sticking in to you, itching you, or irritating sore skin!



Our breastfeeding bras are completely wire free. The last thing breastfeeding mums should be wearing is bras with underwire, as this can block milk ducts as well as being uncomfortable and difficult to breastfeed in. Now you can feel free in our completely wireless breastfeeding bra!