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Transeasonal Fabrics: Transition From Summer To Autumn

Posted on 09 March 2017


How to transition from Summer to Autumn with the right fabrics


Autumn in Australia almost doesn't deserve to have its own season. The days are either too hot or too cold, and very rarely is there a nice balance between. Too often, it seems like summer one day only to turn to winter the next - rising to heats of over 35 degrees and dropping to below 10 degrees overnight.

From our HQ in Melbourne, we often find we’re freezing walking to work in the morning - needing coats, jeans and jumpers - only to be sweating come afternoon. Something we’ve found to help us combat this yo-yo Autumn weather is choosing our underwear, bras and singlet fabrics wisely.

We make it a point to choose materials that help us transition through those rapid swings in temperature that are so common in Australia’s transitional seasons. Your intimate apparel - your undies, bras, tops and under layers - are the pieces that are closest to your skin. This means that choosing the right fabric is important towards helping your body regulate your temperature as your body heat rises or drops rapidly.



When it comes to maintaining a comfortable body temp, theres no fabric better than cotton. The fabric traps air between the fibres, creating natural thermal insulation. This regulates your temperature, keeping you from getting too cold in winter or too hot in summer. This natural insulation makes it the perfect choice for transeasonal wear in the Autumn and Spring months.

Cotton’s fibres don’t cling to the skin the way other fabrics do, creating natural air ventilation that can be integral in keeping your body temperature comfortable. Particularly important on hotter days, this keeps air flowing between your body and your clothing, creating a pleasant, breathable effect.

Natural absorbent properties also make cotton an ideal choice for wear during wet, rainy months. Autumn in Australia often brings with it rain, storms and sun showers - and these can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Cotton fabric has an incredible natural absorbency that draws moisture away from the skin. It can actually lift liquid away from the body, similar to the way a towel would. Cotton can hold an astounding 1/5 of its weight in water before even becoming damp.



This soft, eco-friendly fabric is another of our favourite transeasonal materials. Similar to cotton, bamboo is naturally breathable. It doesn’t trap heat, so it doesn’t become heavy or clingy in hot or wet weather. Being very absorbent, it also creates a cooling effect that draws moisture away from the skin, keeping you sweat free. These elements make it an ideal choice for Autumn in Australia, which can switch from winter temperatures to summer ones within a matter of hours.


Our Cotton & Bamboo Range

We have a range of undies, bras and tops in light, breathable bamboo and cotton, perfect for Autumn and transitional seasons. See our natural fibre range here.

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