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Stick On Bra Guide: How To Choose The Right Stick On Bra For You

Posted on 23 March 2017


How To Choose Your Stick on Bra


Stick on Bras are a must have in any woman’s wardrobe. The perfect solution for backless, strapless and revealing outfits, there’s nothing you can’t wear with a stick on bra!

We’ve created the ultimate Stick on Bra guide to help you choose the stick on bra thats perfect for you and your outfit.


Dream Cleavage Stick on Bra (Silicone)

This stick on bra is the ultimate when it comes to giving your cleavage an added boost. Many women think they have to sacrifice their cleavage when it comes to wearing stick on bras, but that’s not the case at all with our Dream Cleavage bra!

To boost your cleavage in this bra, wear it with the cups far apart and hooks pointing down, then secure the centre closure. Bump up silicone padding creates extra bust support and also gives your bust an extra little push up. Thanks to the cleavage enhancing features, this bra can also increase your bust size by up to a cup.

Made with silicone, this stick on bra fits bust sizes A, B and C. The silicone feels like real breasts to touch, creating a natural feel. This item is our go to for creating incredible cleavage in formal, black tie and evening wear.

See our Dream Cleavage Stick on Bra here.


Sleek Fabric Stick on Bra

This is designed for ladies who prefer a lightweight stick on bra. Covered with a thin, 2mm thick fabric, this feels the most similar to wearing a normal bra. The entire bra is extremely light, with an invisible look that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. It’s available in black and nude, and its also available in sizes A - F. This is the best stick on style for women who have a larger bust size.

See our Sleek Fabric Stick on Bra here.


Cushion Stick on Bra

Our premium stick on bra. Incredibly comfortable to wear, this bra comes with free removable straps. The straps can be worn for added bust support and lift, and are transparent so can still be worn with strapless styles. Like the Sleek Fabric stick on, this piece is covered in a light 2mm thick fabric.

The Cushion Stick on Bra differs from our Sleek Fabric stick on bra in that it has built-in padding. This push up padding creates extra cleavage and gives your bust a smooth, rounded appearance. A lighter version of the silicone dream cleavage bra, this is the perfect mix between the two for a cleavage enhancing effect thats still incredibly light to wear.

See our Cushion Stick on Bra here.


Nipple Covers

The best stick on style for plunging necklines and especially revealing outfits. Our nipple covers eliminate visible nipples and create a completely invisible look. They fit seamlessly onto your breasts and round out your bust for a feminine look.

See our Nipple Covers here.



All our stick on bras are reusable. If you take care of your stick on bra properly, there’s no limit to how many times you can use yours.


How to care for your stick on bra:

Hand wash your bra or nipple cover after each time you wear it. This will help it maintain its stickiness so you can ensure a longer life and repeat wears. If your bra has lost some of its stickiness, simply hand wash it to restore the adhesive. Hand wash it in mild soap and let air dry.

When storing your bra away, make sure you protect the adhesive by placing it sticky side down on the plastic sheets it comes with. If you lose these sheets, just use glad wrap instead!

See our full range of stick on bras here.



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