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Post Op Bras: How To Choose Yours And What To Look For

Posted on 01 February 2017




Unsure what to look for when choosing a Post-Surgery Bra? See what features you need in your bras to help your healing process in the months after your surgery. 


What kinds of bras should I be wearing during my healing period?

Depending on the surgery you undergo, you may be given a medical post-operation bra by your doctor or surgeon. Usually doctors will recommend you wear this bra for about 6-8 weeks after your surgery.

After this period, you should be able to move on to wearing your own bras, but there are still some things to consider when it comes to choosing what bras you should wear in the first months after your surgery. Wearing something too restrictive can hinder your healing process; but you do still need a reasonable amount of bust support.

Ask your doctor or surgeon what his advice is, and pay close attention to the time frames he gives you. Most doctors will recommend completely avoiding underwires for at least a few months after your surgery.


How to choose your Post Op Bras:

The most important thing when choosing your post surgery bra is choosing one thats going to fit you properly. If you get a bra thats going to be ill-fitting, its likely that you’ll end up with back and shoulder pain - the last thing you want post-surgery!

Make sure you check that the bra is going to give you a flexible fit that you feel comfortable in, but also offer you plenty of support. Its crucial that you find a bra thats going to give you support during the months while you're still healing - but without the use of painful underwires. Underwires are only going to dig into your tender skin, irritate scars, and disturb your healing process.


1. Choose soft fabrication

Always consider the fabric when you're choosing your post-op bras. Natural fibres like cotton and bamboo blends are kind on skin and won't cause any irritation. Bras with a soft, wide band are best, as they’re gentle against tender skin and not too restrictive.

The most important thing after surgery is keeping yourself as comfortable and pain free as possible, while also facilitating the healing process without disturbing or irritating any scarring.


2. Check it fits you right

To check that the bra you’re buying fits you properly, see if it remains level around your body and stays there. If it doesn’t stay level consistently, it doesn’t fit you as well as it should.

If the shoulder straps seem long it may be best to go with a smaller size. Constantly having to adjust the straps means that the bra is not as good of a fit as it should be.

If you find your breasts are spilling out of your bra cups, the design may be different to the type of bra your bust needs. Different designs will cover more of the breasts, and these will be styles you’re more comfortable with wearing.

If the cups of your bra seem baggy, you’ll know that the bra doesn’t fit you right. If this is the case, its best to choose a different style, cut or size. Talk to the bra manufacturer if you can to see what is the best bra size and style for your needs.


3. Choose flexible fabric to accomodate fluctuating bust sizes

Be aware that your breasts will probably be swollen for months after your surgery, so you need something that’s going to be supportive but still be a reasonably flexible fit. Your bust size could change a lot during the first few months after surgery, so keep this in mind while shopping for bras before your surgery.

To accomodate fluctuating bust sizes, choose bras that are made in a flexible fit that will stretch and shrink along with your bust as it heals and develops.


4. Avoid side seams, tags, labels and underwires

To keep yourself as comfortable as you can, always choose bras that have no side seams, tags, labels, or underwires. You don’t want anything thats going to stick in to you, make you itch, or keep you from getting the rest you need.

Choosing wireless, seamless bras also means you can comfortably sleep in your post-surgery bras, making them the perfect bras to rest, relax and recuperate in.


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