Top Tips on How to Wash Bras & Remove Creases from Bra Cups

Posted on 01 June 2017

How to wash your bras and remove creases



How to wash bras with removable pads

  • Always remove the pads before washing your bra.
  • Wash the bra (with the pads removed) in the washing machine
  • Don’t put your padded cups in the washing machine, or they’ll get bent
  • Hand wash the pads in warm water with mild detergent

If you notice bends, wrinkles or creases in your pads, remove them by soaking them in boiling hot water. Fill your kettle with water and pour the boiling water into a shallow bowl.

Soak your bra cup in the boiling water, swishing the water around the cup until the areas with creases have been covered with the water.

Once all dents and wrinkles are removed from the cup, remove the pads and then leave it out to dry. They should be ready in a few hours, or you leave them to dry overnight. Your pads will look like new! See the video above for step by step instructions.


How to wash lace bras

Never wash any intimate with lace in the washing machine on a regular cycle - the machine is likely to rip and damage the lace. Instead, hand wash them or put them in the wash on a gentle cycle in a delicates bag.


How to wash stick on bras

Always wash your stick on bra after each wear to keep the adhesive sticky. Hand wash the bra with mild soap and warm water, then let them air dry.

Once dry, store the bra properly to protect the adhesive. Place the bra sticky side down on the clear plastic sheets that came with the bra. If you’ve misplaced these sheets, you can use glad wrap or something else that can be removed after storing without sticking to the adhesive.


How to wash other B Free bras

All other B Free bras can be washed in the machine with warm water and mild detergent. To be on the safe side, you should always wash intimates on a delicate cycle.


How to dry bras

Take care to dry your bras as soon as you can after washing, as leaving them damp for too long can eat away at the fabric. We don’t recommend you use a dryer; instead, hang them out to air dry.


Quick Dry Bras

If you’re looking for bras made in a quick dry fabric, check out our travel / quick dry bra range. These bras are perfect for travelling, as they minimise washing and drying time when on the road and pressed for time.

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