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How To Buy Your Daughter Her First Bra

Posted on 15 June 2017


Buying your daughter her first bra

Buying your daughter her first bra can be an emotional experience for both mother and daughter. It signifies that your daughter is growing up and about to enter a new stage in her life. Studies have shown that girls can begin to develop breasts as young as age 8. Even if your daughter hasn’t developed breasts yet, she may be emotionally ready to wear a bra.

Young girls most commonly start wearing bras in middle school, and even girls who haven’t yet begun to grow breasts could feel embarrassed or left out if they’re the only one in their class or friend group who doesn’t wear a bra.


Go wire free

As your daughter transitions through her tween years, its best to get her a bra that’s going to stretch with her body as it changes. Anything with underwires is unnecessary at this age, and these bras are often not very age appropriate. Instead, look for wire free bras that offer light bust support without the use of underwires. The best first bras are designed with a rib panel that supports the bust without being uncomfortable.


Adjustable straps and back closure

Keep in mind that other areas of your daughters body are going to be growing - not just her bust. For this reason, its important that you choose a first bra that has an adjustable back closure and shoulder straps. These bras will have the most longevity and will last your daughter as her bust grows and see her through growth spurts in other areas.


High-quality fabric

Don’t neglect to check the first bra you’re buying for fabric quality. The highest quality fabrics will be stretchy as well as supportive. Your daughter is going to need something that stretches without losing its shape, and developments in fabric technology have created innovative fabric blends that stretch with the body for perfect fit sizing, but still offer a premium level of support.


Pads for added shape

For a girl who's still developing and wants a little more bust shape, padded bras are a quick and lightweight option. Foam pads are super light, creating a smooth, feminine bust for comfortable wear. Choose a bra with easily removable pads and your daughter can wear it as she chooses - with pads or without.


Covering nipples

With buying first bras the focus is often on the growing bust, but growing nipples can be another concern for young girls. As breasts develop, the nipples also grow and develop bumps which can become visible under tops.

Your daughter may feel self-conscious about visible nipples, which is another reason to keep her feeling comfortable in a lightweight bra, which will lessen the visibility of nipples. Nipple covers are another solution if your daughter isn’t confident with wearing a bra just yet.


First bra gift pack

Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your daughter when it comes to first bras - you’ll look back on these years fondly as a defining moment in your relationship. A first bra gift pack can be the perfect gift choice for a daughter, granddaughter or niece who's nearing that tween age.

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