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Bamboo Fabric: The Top 10 Things We Love About It

Posted on 31 January 2017



Why We Love Bamboo Fabric 


Bamboo is one of our favourite fabric blends at B Free. As well as being eco-friendly, bamboo fabric has a beautiful natural lustre, making it visually unique as well as beneficial for the environment.

Its many benefits include natural deodorising, anti-bacterial, cooling and hypoallergenic properties. We love wearing bamboo in summer for the natural cooling effect it creates - but its many other properties means we wear it all year long too!


1. Eco-friendly

Bamboo is a natural resource, but it differs from other vegetation in that it grows unusually fast. Moso bamboo is most commonly used for making fabric, and this bamboo type can grow to full maturity in as little as 45 to 60 days.

Bamboo also almost never requires pesticides, and it also uses very little water - factors that make it one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. Its natural regeneration process creates 4-6 new shoots a year. Bamboo growth is also naturally beneficial for the environment it grows in. It restores damaged land, purifies the air and protects the land it grows on from soil erosion. It can also be harvested without destructive machines, meaning the environment around the shoots don’t suffer any damage.


2. Anti-bacterial

Due to its anti-bacterial properties, pathogens and pests stay away from bamboo plants. This allows them to flourish and grow to their full potential without pesticides. Scientists found that bamboo has a unique stream of anti-bacteria as well as deodorising properties. This anti-bacteria is present in bamboo blend fabrications, as it is bound to the cellulose molecule which is maintained in man made bamboo fabrics.


3. Long lasting

The Japan Textile Inspection Association found that even after fifty washes, bamboo fabric still maintains its anti-bacterial and deodorising properties.


4. Doesn’t retain odour

Being naturally anti-bacterial, bamboo fabrics don’t retain smells. Bamboo actually has natural deodorising properties within its fibres that eliminate and equalise any odour retention.


5. Has a natural lustre

Bamboo blends have a beautiful natural lustre which visually sets it apart from other fabric blends.


6. Kind on skin

Bamboo is extremely soft against the skin, and it doesn’t cause any skin irritation. This makes it ideal for wear against scars, post pregnancy, and post surgery, as well as for people who have naturally delicate or irritable skin. Wearers of bamboo fabric often note the silk like feel bamboo has against the skin.


7. Creates a cooling effect

By drawing moisture away from the skin, bamboo blends create a natural cooling effect. Ideal in summer, bamboo can go a long way towards keeping you cool and sweat free if you live in hotter climates.


8. Hypoallergenic

Bamboo’s hypoallergenic properties means it has a decreased tendency to cause allergies - particularly in comparison to other fabrics.


9. Breathable

Thanks to its natural cooling elements and soft feel, bamboo is extremely light and breathable to wear. This makes it a perfect fabric choice for summer, as the fabric doesn’t trap heat or become heavy or clingy.


10. Sweat resistant

Being ultra absorbent and deodorising, bamboo is naturally sweat resistant. Its cooling effects draws sweat away from the skin, keeping you sweat free on super hot days. Plus, its deodorising properties means it doesn’t retain odour - so even on the hottest of days, you can breathe easy!

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