9 Reasons Why The High Cut Panty Suits All Body Types

Posted on 09 August 2016

Versatile and comfortable, the high cut panty looks great on every woman. Below, we’ve listed our top 9 reasons why the high cut panty suits all body types, sizes and ages.


9 reasons why the high cut panty suits all body types


1. Sits higher

The higher waistline of the high cut panty creates a flattering cut for all body types. A high waistline nips in the waist and slims the hips for a sleek, slim silhouette no matter where your problem areas are.

High Cut Panty in Lace - soft touch materials, side seam free


2. Light control

Light tummy support is provided by the higher waistline, without being too restrictive. This creates a flatter tummy, without being too tight or uncomfortable to wear every day.


High Cut Panty in Nude - thick waistband for tummy support


3. Smooths your body

High cut panty styles usually have a thick, stretchy waistband. A wide waistband will smooth your torso without any lumps, bumps, or muffin tops.

High Waist Panty - with patterned waistband


4. Comes in soft touch fabric

Selecting your high cut panty in a smooth fabric gives you a seamless, flattering silhouette, perfect for wearing under tight and clingy outfits.


High Cut Panty in white - smooth touch fabric


5. Everyday comfort

Higher waistlines and flexible waistbands provide comfort and support for everyday wear.

9 ways the high cut panty suits all body types

High Cut Panty in Black - with patterned waistband


7. Flattering high leg cut

The high cut panty comes in the option of a high leg cut, which doesn’t cut into thighs or legs. High leg cuts are flattering on all body types, as well as being more comfortable.

Full Brief High Waist Panty - for full coverage


8. Full brief for more coverage

The second leg cut option with the high panty is the full brief, which covers more of your legs and derrière. Full brief styles are perfect for pear shaped figures who carry most of their weight in their hips, thighs and buttocks.

High Waist Panty in Pastel Blue - with patterned waistband


9. Cotton gussets

Cotton gussets in the groin area provide comfort, absorbability and breathability for woman of all ages.

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