8 Tips For Buying Your First Bra

Posted on 28 July 2016

8 tips for buying your first bra

1. Choose Flexible Fits

    With every young girls first bra, they're likely to have to change cup sizes within the first few months. For this reason, its best to choose bras that are made in stretchy materials without underwires. This means the bra will adapt to changing bodies, especially as they fluctuate in breast sizes. Choosing flexible bras will mean your first bra lasts for years - no matter how many changes in breast size you go through.

    My First Fuller Figure Bra - for young girls with larger bust sizes


    2. Choose comfort

    Buying a bra that fits you perfectly is important in helping you feel comfortable. For young girls with their first bra, wearing a bra is an entirely foreign concept. Make sure you choose a few different bras that you’re going to be comfortable wearing. You can still wear lace like the style above, but avoid lace in areas that will itch you as developing breasts can be sore and tender at times. You want to choose something so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing anything at all.

    8 tips for buying your first bra

    Bralette in soft cotton - wire and seam free for everyday comfort

    3. Opt for wireless, seamless styles

    For young girls, the best options for your first bra are wireless and seamless styles. These are better suited to changing bodies, and much more comfortable than more restricted, structured bras with underwire.


    Wireless and Seam Free Bra - with adjustable straps and back closure


    4. Adjustable straps and back closures

    With your very first bra, its likely that your body will continue to change as you grow. For this reason, its essential that you choose bra’s with adjustable straps and back closures. These will accomodate for changing bust and body sizes - things that are likely to fluctuate a lot in the coming months.


    Bandeau Style Bra in black, nude and white


    5. Buy a new bra every few months

    Many young girls find that they outgrow their first bra in a matter of months - or even weeks. Make sure you update your bra’s every few months, in response to any changes in bust size. Wearing a bra that is too small for you is bad for your health - particularly if that bra has underwire. You’ll also be uncomfortable, which is why we recommend wireless, seamless bras that will be flexible with any changes to your body.

     8 tips for buying your first bra

    My First Strapless Bra - with light padding and removable straps


    6. Padded for visible nipples

    If you’re self conscious about your nipples showing, choosing a padded bra will make sure your nipples are always covered.


    My First Lace Bra - wireless and seam free


    7. Consider the lining

    When trying on different styles, make sure you consider the lining. Try it on under your shirt to see what it looks like underneath clothes. With your first bra, you want it to be versatile enough to go under most of your clothes - so choose one that won’t have a visible lining under your t-shirt. For invisible lining, wireless and seamless bras are best.

    8 tips for buying your first bra Wire and Seam Free Bra Multi-pack


    8. Buy more than one

    Buy just one first bra, and you’ll find yourself soon getting sick of it! Plus, you need to buy a number of styles to wear while the others are in the wash. Every young woman needs at least one white bra, one nude, and one black to go under different coloured outfits. Remember to buy them in styles that fit you, but will also be flexible enough to change with your changing body.

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