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7 reasons to make the switch to seamfree today

Posted on 21 October 2015

Seamless Flattering Camisole from B Free AustraliaWe have all heard about the seamfree craze, but some of us can't let go of our traditional cut and sew . Here are the top 7 reasons why you should get with the times and start wearing seamless. 


1. Perfect Fit Everytime

Seamless shapers, undies, bras, tops and slips will fit you like a glove no matter what your size or shape. The seamfree stretchy fabric moulds to and flatters your unique body so that you look and feel great. Everyone from developing teenagers, mothers, pregnant ladies, fuller figured women and more can enjoy great fitting seamfree lingerie.

2. Luxuriously Soft Fabric

Everyone who touches seamfree underwear for the first time has the same reaction: "Wow the fabric feels amazing!" The smooth stretchy soft touch fabric embraces your body and feels so good when you are wearing it. 

3. Ridiculously Comfortable

Combine the ultra soft fabric and the perfect flattering fit and it's no wondering why seamless undies and shapers feel so good. No more itchy, scratchy seams that leave red marks on your body or anything to annoy and dig into your skin. 

4. Sleek Sexy Silhouette

If you make the switch to seamless undies, you can say goodbye to panty lines forever. Seamless underwear ,and most especially shapewear, smoothes your silhouette and softens lumps and bumps to become smooth, sexy curves. It holds you in all the right places so you can be confident that you are always looking your best.  

5. Healthier for you

B Free lingerie won't irritate your skin since it is tagless, seamless and wirefree. Cut and sew garments (with seams and wires) that don't fit properly can leave marks on your body, damage your skin and constrict your circulation. Think about your wellbeing and choose seamless comfort that is kind to your body. Women post surgery love the super soft B Free bras and undies, as they are gentle on sensitive areas and delicate skin.

6. Lasts for a Long Time

B Free seamless undies are top quality that will stand the test of time. There are no thick elastics that lose their stretch and get wrinkled. The colours never fade. The patterns are knitted in and won't wear off. The fabric bounces back after every wash and feels like new. You won't have to worry about saggy loose underwear after 6 months. 

7. Easy to Wash

Throw in the washing machine and dry on the line (the brand doesn't recommend it, but my undies find their way into the dryer all the time without issues). Seam free garments wash like a dream and dry in no time. Even the bras go straight into the washing machine!


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