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Build your wardrobe for every occasion

Posted on 11 October 2015


The wonders of shape wear can benefit women of all shapes and sizes, everyday. You don’t need to be dressing up and going out to enjoy the confidence and smooth body that a seamless shaper can give you. Gone are the times that shapers were hard, uncomfortable corsets with wires, or itchy garments with hundreds of seams that leave red marks all over your body. Modern technology has led to the development of super soft, smooth shapers that are seamless and so comfortable that you will forget that you are even wearing one! I am a petite size 8, and I swear by my shaper every single day, so I don’t have to worry about unsightly bulges when I sit down and be confident that I am always looking my best! Our seamless control shapers are tested on women of all shapes and sizes, so everyone from young slender girls to voluptuous full figured mothers love the smoothing effect our shape wear has on women's silhouette. B Free offers a range of comfy control underwear with a shape to suit every occasion, and amazing seamless fabrication that will flatter every woman’s unique body. 


Part of any corporate professional wardrobe should include a good set of shape wear to keep you looking good and feeling confident. Firstly you should make sure that you don’t have any visible panty lines under your work pants or fitted pencil skirts. VPL attracts a lot of unwanted attention that you don’t want to deal with at work. You can easily avoid this problem with B Free’s seamless microfibre panties: boyleg, bikini, high cut or full brief. But to truly smooth out any lumps and bumps you can’t look past a good pair of shaping shorts. B Free Intimate Apparel has a great little pair of Mid-rise Thigh Shapers that control your lower tummy and lift and firm your bottom, for a smooth line along your hips. If you are wearing a corporate pencil dress I would recommend wearing a full shaping body suit: the Slim Body Shaper. This smooths your entire midsection and thighs seamlessly, and pulls up to tuck under your bra to ensure a sleek silhouette.

Weekend Daywear

All week long I wait for the weekend to come, and when it finally arrives I want to go out and celebrate! Whether its a lazy Sunday afternoon having brunch at one of my favourite spots in Melbourne, a day shopping with the girls, or a picnic in the park with the family, I never forget my shaper. With summer fast approaching, my go-to shaper is the High Waisted Shaping Brief. This is perfect under all my A-line dresses and floaty summery skirts, and keeps my tummy under control, whilst still feeling free and airy around my legs. Especially with my indulgent weekend eating habits, I love being able to eat my cake and not worry about my stomach popping out!


This may be an unexpected one for some people, but shape wear can also be great at the gym while exercising. Whilst you are working your way to the flat tummy and toned bottom of your dreams, you can fake it till you make it. B Free’s Shaping Yoga Shorts, are just like bike shorts with a strong control panel around the stomach. Thanks to the stretchy, smooth and seamless fabric you won’t feel constricted in these shorts while you are working out at the gym, enjoying a high energy group fitness class or in my case relaxing in a hot yoga session. 

Everyday Casual

Sometimes all you are doing is running the errands, picking up the kids from school and picking up the groceries. In this case I usually throw on a t-shirt and some leggings, and my trusty shaper. B Free’s shapers are so comfortable that you won’t even know they are there, but you will know that your body looks great all day everyday.

Date Night

When it comes to date night I want to look gorgeous and sexy. A big pair of Bridget Jones style granny panties are the last thing I want my man to find. The only thing worse than that is my lumps and bumps spilling out of my tight little evening dress when I’m wearing my pretty but not so flattering lingerie.This way I can get the benefits of my flattering shape wear which keeps my whole body looking curvy, sexy and slim, whilst still looking sexy!

Special Events

When it comes to weddings, formals, parties, galas, Christmas celebrations or any other event I have coming up. This is the ultimate shaper that will hold you in everywhere. You can eat all the yummy food you want without having to worry about growing a food baby. Whether you are wearing a super fitted body con dress, or a slinky satin number, you will be confident that your body will be looking slim and sleek all night long. If your dress is one shoulder, cross shoulder, halterneck, or strappy you can make use of the discreet transparent straps to ensure your shaper won’t move all night long. If you are wearing a strapless dress, make sure you have a super snug strapless bra (ones with silicone inside the band work great). Then pull your shaper all the way up and tuck it under your bra.

So as you can see, I make good use of my entire shape wear wardrobe all the time, and you can do the same. B Free Australia has the best quality and most comfortable shapers in several different styles, and they all serve a different purpose for every ocassion. My B Free shapers give me a great confidence boost. I don’t have time to be fretting over hiding my bulges, or sitting in a flattering position to avoid tummy rolls. I just pull on my shaper, and get on with my day or night feeling great.

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  • Janett: October 31, 2015

    Since I got my shaper, EVERY time I wear a dress, I’ve got to wear it!! I always get complements and it just feels great, I’m so much more confident knowing that my B Free Shaper is making my figure look amazing :)

  • Niena: October 14, 2015

    Hi Wendy,

    Thank you so much for responding to my blog post. Absolutely women of all shapes and sizes (definitely including fuller figured ladies) love B Free seamless shapewear, as it turns lumps, bumps and rolls into smooth, sexy curves. When we develop our shapers we trial them on myself, a size 8, my manager, a size 14 with a tummy that has held 4 kids including twins, and a very voluptuous lady who is a size 20+. If it doesn’t fit and more importantly flatter all of us, then we won’t go ahead with it.
    I personally love the Slim Body Shaper because I am more pear shaped and they keep my saddle bags under control. But if your stomach is your main concern (and not your thighs or bottom), I know my manager swears by her High Waisted Shaper everyday. She pulls up her shaper and tucks it underneath her bra and on her apple body shape it will never roll. If Im not wearing a firm tight bra, I usually like to reach for the Slim Body Shaper because it also comes with optional straps to hold it in place and stop it from rolling down to a narrow waist.

    Our shapers are designed to smooth out everything under your clothes. So always make sure you pull your high waist shaper all the way up and tuck it right underneath your bra. This ensures your body line from your bra to your shaper won’t have any bulges in between.

    Size Guide for all B Free Shapewear
    Small: 8-10
    Medium: 12-14
    Large: 16-18
    X Large: 20-22
    (Note: You will need pull firmly to get into your shaper as they are very strong, but once they are on, the soft seamless fabric will feel comfortable and supportive.)

    In summary I recommend for a size 14 shapewear newbie, you start off with either the: Slim Body (thigh & bottom control, full tummy control, optional straps) or High Waisted Shaper (full tummy control, high cut brief shape on the bottom).

    Please let me know if there is anything more I can help you with.


  • Wendy: October 14, 2015

    Hi All, Can you please include some tips and pics on these pages as to how the rest of us – size 14 and upwards can also get some benefit from shapewear? I’d like to have some, but am unsure as to what is best for what clothing of someone my size (16). Is there any benefit to us to use shapewear? and does it come in bigger sizes?

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