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6 Tips For Choosing The Right Lingerie For Special Occasions

Posted on 19 July 2016

Choosing the right lingerie for your special occasion can have a big effect on how you look and feel during your event. Big occasions for women often mean wearing tight or figure hugging dresses, and feeling like you’re looking your best will give you that confidence boost you need to have a great night.

Sometimes the days leading up to a big event can be stressful for women. We want to look our best, and there’s always that fear that your expensive new dress won’t fit quite right once the day comes. That’s where shapewear comes in. It nips in all your lumps and bumps, creating a sleek line for under your dress and making you look slimmer.

6 tips for choosing the right lingerie for special occasions

Underbust full body shaper with tummy and thigh control - comes with free removable straps

1. Consider Your Dress

When choosing the lingerie for your event, you need to consider the dress you plan to wear. Is your dress:

• Backless?
• Strapless?
• Does it have cut out details that might show your lingerie?
• Is it completely opaque, or a little transparent?
• Does it have a slip?
• Is it long or short?
• What areas of your body will you be showing off – and what areas do you want to hide?

Try on your dress and asking yourself these questions will help you choose the right lingerie to go under the dress.

It’s always a good idea to bring your dress into the changing room with you when trying on lingerie to wear under it. This will help you achieve your desired look through choosing the correct lingerie and shapewear. This is particularly helpful if you plan on wearing a dress that shows a lot of skin, especially in areas that are usually covered such as the back and the sides of your torso. Making sure you do this will mean there are no surprises come the day of your event – and no frantic last minute trips to the mall for new underwear.

6 tips for choosing the right lingerie for special occasions

Thigh Shaper - Lower Tummy and Thigh Control

2. Support for Backless/Low Back Dresses

If your dress is backless or has a low back, you might decide to go completely braless. This can be difficult however for women with a larger bust, as they may feel more comfortable with some bust support. For larger busted women, shapewear with low backs can give support without ruining the look of the dress.

If you plan on wearing a dress that has a low back, but still want to wear something under it, make sure you bring it with you when picking out your lingerie. Try on your dress over the lingerie to see if it covers everything. This way you can ensure you get the support of shapewear, but without ruining the look of the dress.


6 tips for choosing the right lingerie for special occasions

Underbust Shaping Thong - maximum tummy control, with free removable straps

3. Avoid VPL’s

Another thing to consider when choosing lingerie for formal dresses is panty lines. The last thing you want to discover after arriving to your big event is that your VPL is on show for everyone to see.

Again, this is a comfort thing. You want to feel that you are looking your best when it comes to big events, because this will give you the confidence to have a great night. If you’re worried about your underwear lines showing, seamless underwear and thongs are the best option. If possible, try to find a product that provides you with both, like the Underbust Shaping Thong above. This will ensure that you feel comfortable, but also look great.

6 tips for choosing the right lingerie for special occasions

Underbust Shaping Panties - maximum tummy control

4. Strapless Dresses

Usually, a strapless dress is going to require strapless lingerie. However, choosing a strapless dress doesn’t mean that you have to go without bust support for your event. There are many variations of shape wear that come with the option of straps on or off. These give your bust support, but without the use of straps. You’ll find that a lot of lingerie today has removable straps – just take care not to lose them once you take them off!

For example, the Underbust Shaping Thong comes with removable straps, as well as a number of strap options. These include transparent straps, for women that are uncomfortable with strapless lingerie, but still want to be able to wear strapless dresses. It also comes with fabric straps, so that you can wear it comfortably under outfits that aren’t strapless as well.

6 tips for choosing the right lingerie for special occasions

Underbust Dress Shaper - tummy and thigh control, with free removable straps

5. Tight Dresses

If you’ve chosen a tight or figure hugging dress for your big occasion, shapewear slims everything down to maintain a nice, clean line under your dress. You may find that your dress looks good before the event, but after drinks, dinner and canapés, it could start to bulge in the wrong places.

Shapewear eliminates this fear. It flattens your tummy and cinches your waist. Choosing shapewear that tucks into your bra is the best option for tight dresses, as it flattens the entire tummy and keeps you feeling comfortable and confident all night. For women who are self conscious about their thighs, shapewear can trim these areas as well to creating a slimmer overall look.

When choosing shapewear to go under tight dresses, make sure you choose a seamless option. Seamless shapewear creates a smooth bodyline for under your dress, creating an enviable figure to make you look and feel fantastic on the night. Also keep in mind that its best to choose a piece without side seams and tags so they don’t stick out and ruin the line of the dress.

6 tips for choosing the right lingerie for special occasions
Underbust Full Body Shaper - tummy and thigh control, with free removable straps

6. Look and Feel Good

Wearing shapewear under your dress doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for comfort. Shapewear once had a stigma around it for being old fashioned and more suited to older woman. But over the last few years, re-designs of shapewear styles have seen designers creating lingerie that is stylish as well as comfortable. If you want to feel sexy under your dress for your big event, you can still achieve this with shapewear – meaning you can look and feel good all night long.

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