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5 Reasons Why Granny Undies Are Making A Comeback

Posted on 16 August 2016

5 reasons why granny undies are making a comeback


Loved by granny’s everywhere, granny undies have a surprising new fan following in younger generations. Being sported by everyone from Beyonce to Taylor Swift, granny undies are officially the new ‘it’ item in lingerie.

In a study carried out by the New York times, statistics showed that g-string sales have decreased by 7 percent since 2014, while full coverage “granny undies” have grown by 17 percent.

Millennials say thongs have “had their moment,” with granny panty styles being favoured by young adults and teenage girls. While g-strings only look good on a certain body type, granny undies look amazing on every woman - regardless of her age, size or body type.

Leaders in the lingerie industry say granny undies are rising in popularity due to the body acceptance philosophy thats been making waves worldwide. While earlier decades made women feel they had to adhere to a specific body type, the focus lately has been more on loving the body you have.

And with the massive range of granny panty styles available, theres something to suit every body type. Women are realising you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to look sexy - and we here at Bfree couldn’t be happier!

Below, we’ve listed our top 5 reasons why granny undies are making a comeback.


5 reasons why granny undies are making a comeback


1. Celebrities wear them

    Celeb fans of granny undies include Beyonce, Chrissy Tiegan, Taylor Swift, Dita Von Teese, Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Lena Dunham, Miranda Kerr and Kim Kardashian. Granny undies are versatile enough to suit all body types, with celebrities of every size wearing them. The massive range of cuts and styles available means theres a perfect pair for everyone.

    5 reasons why granny undies are making a comeback


    2. They’re classic

    Long before modern celebs revived them, granny panties were a staple of the 1940’s and 1950’s wardrobe. Made fashionable by 1940’s pin ups, they were immortalised by 1950’s icon Marilyn Monroe. Fuller figures were in style during these decades, and in recent years we’ve seen a rise in acceptance of fuller figures once again. Curvier body types are all the rage in 2016 - creating a popularity resurgence in granny undies that hasn’t been seen since the 50’s.


    5 reasons why granny undies are making a comeback

    Full coverage panties - side seam and tag free


    3. They suit everyone

    While the g-string only catered to a certain body type, granny panties look incredible on everyone. The g-string looked best on the willowy, slender figures that were popular in the early 2000’s, while granny undies suit women of every body type, age and size. In 2016 theres more of a focus on loving the body you have than there was in 2016. Larger derriers have never been more popular, and they look best in cheeky, boy short styles. The high leg cut is universally flattering, and high waist granny undies give tummy support.

     5 reasons why granny undies are making a comeback

    White lace undies - VPL free


    4. There’s no more VPL

    G-strings became so popular in the first place because they didn’t create VPL’s. But with new fabrics and design technologies, wearing granny undies no longer means you have to put up with VPL’s. Seamless underwear made in the right fabrics eliminates VPL’s entirely - so you can have the comfort of granny undies, without worrying about a VPL.

     5 reasons why granny undies are making a comeback

    Full coverage woman's panties - soft touch


    5. They promote body positivity

    2016 is the year of self love and body positivity. With plus size models popping up everywhere, the most revered body type of the year is the one you already have. Women everywhere are being admired for loving and accepting the body they have - and for dressing in what makes them comfortable. Women don’t choose lingerie for men anymore - they choose it for themselves, the body they have, and what makes them look and feel good.

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