3 Major Benefits Of Shaping Tops: What Does A Shaping Top Do?

Posted on 09 February 2017


Our Favourite Benefits of Shaping Tops:

While shapewear has been around for a few years now, shaping tops are a relatively new item in the fashion industry. They combine the innovative, slimming technology of shapewear with the classic versatility of tops, creating an item thats flattering, comfortable and easy to wear.

Shaping tops use the firm control technology of shapewear, but on a lesser scale for comfortable every day wear. The control panels used in shaping tops offer medium control, and are more of a softer, flexible fit then shapewear. Despite their less extreme level of figure control, shaping tops still offer many of the benefits that make shapewear so popular.


1. Slimming

Like shapewear, the main attraction of shaping tops is the slimming effect they provide. Shaping tops reshape your figure to create a sleeker, slimmer silhouette. The control panels nip in your waist and hips to create feminine, controlled curves. The fabrication smooths down lumps and bumps, eliminating muffin tops and lines and rolls made from bra straps and back closures.


2. Versatile

Shaping tops are incredibly easy to wear. They can be worn under anything and everything to create a sleek body line for underneath your clothes. Shaping tops can also be worn to sleep in, or as a top by itself. The incredible versatility of the shaping top means its sure to become one of your most essential wardrobe staples!


3. Comfortable

One of the most attractive benefits of the shaping top is that its extremely comfortable to wear. It provides figure control like shapewear but is less restricting, making it perfect for everyday wear. The seamless, tag less and label free nature of shaping tops means there’s no risk of skin irritation or anything to stick in to you and annoy you.


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