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How to wear a B Free Shaper

Posted on 11 April 2016

Tips & Tricks on How to Wear Shapewear


There is an art to wearing a seamless shaper so that it makes you look your absolute best. When worn properly your shaper will not move, will feel very comfortable and will dramatically reshape your body. 


How to wear an underbust shaper with straps

6 way straps 

Select Underbust Shapers from B Free's 2016 range come with a free pair of transparent straps and fabric straps. These are full detachable and adjustable so you can change them according to the neckline of your outfit.

B FREE TIP #1: Always put on your shaper with the straps first. Then put your bra on over the top to hide the straps and secure everything firmly in place.
B Free TIP #2: For dresses with revealing or strapless necklines a stick on bra is the best option to ensure your undergarments go unnoticed. Check out B Free's stick on bras to pair with your perfect shaper.

1. Strapless

If your outfit is strapless, look to the next section on how to wear a shaper without straps for tricks to hold up your shaper and prevent rolling down.

2. Halter Neck

Lengthen a single strap and clip both ends onto the front. Slip the strap back behind your neck.

3. Racer Back

Attach both straps on the back. Then cross them over at the back and hook them at the front.

4. One Shoulder

Attach a single strap on the front on one side, and hook the other end directly behind on the back.

5. One Shoulder Cross

A popular neckline these days is a variation on the classic one shoulder. In this case instead of hooking the back end of the strap directly behind the front hook, you will secure it on the opposite end.

6. Classic Shoulder Straps

You will find that when you wear both shoulder straps in the classic fashion the straps will sit comfortable around your bust and avoid any interference with your bra. In most cases the straps will sit under neath your bra straps, although this will vary from bra to bra.

How to wear an underbust shaper or high waist shapewear without straps

B Free's high waist shapers can be pulled up all the way to sit directly under your bust and tuck under your bra. Shapewear will generally want to roll down to the smallest part of your torso if it is not secured properly. If you have an apple shape you will find that an underbust shaper will hold in place very easily. Make sure to tuck it under your bra to avoid any bulges and smooth your body line. If you do have a narrower waist and feel that your shaper might roll down, make sure to wear a bra with a very firm band on the tightest hook, and tuck your shaper under. Bras with silicone in the band are wonderful for wearing with strapless shape wear. With these tricks your shaper will be tightly secured so you can feel confident, beautiful and free.

How to wear a mid waist shaper

For maximum comfort it is important to let the shaper waist sit where it naturally falls. If you pull the waist up too high, it may feel uncomfortable. Depending on the length of your body, our mid waist shapers generally sit just on the belly button for maximum effect to flatten the lower tummy control. 

How to wear a shaper with garter attachments

Garter belts have a beautiful vintage aesthetic and can make you feel very feminine. However, they can sometimes be tricky and fiddly to put on. B Free's shapewear comes with large garter attachments for ease of of use. A little trick is to use the adjustment to lengthen the attachments all the way before slipping into your shaper. Always put the back attachment on first, and tighten. Then put on the front attachments. 


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